I Love…. Mecca Cosmetica!

 I absolutely love this place. Mecca Cosmetica is a makeup and skin care store where they offer in-depth Skin Care Consultations, Make Up Lessons and Applications, group Masterclasses as well as a personalized Scent Styling Service to match you with your perfect scent.
They have the best brand names in colour, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrance and body care all together in one place. The staff are Make Up Artists and Skin care Specialists and can offer you the best professional advice to help you look and feel your best. 
They also have an online store where you can create your own Mecca beauty profile to keep you up to date with exclusive previews, limited edition offers and personalized product recommendations. 
Here are my top pics: 


I was in the Toorak store not long ago having my make up done for a wedding. Chris was my make up artist and he was AMAZING! He made me look and feel gorgeous. I also had a make up lesson a couple of months ago at the Chadstone store. Penny was wonderful and really patient and encouraging. She taught me a ‘day look’ and then how to achieve the ‘smokey eye look’. The final result was amazing and I would never have had the courage to even try to do this at home! Their customer service is second to none. All consultations including make up lessons and applications are redeemable for products, so I now have quite a collection building up!


 Love Kirst xx

L’Oréal Paris Melbourne Fashion Week…. BORING!

One thing I am surprisingly not looking forward to this year is L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Week. 

A friend and I attended our first fashion show a few years ago and were not impressed at all. We decided to go check it out only a few weeks before, so our tickets were booked quite late. We weren’t surprised to find our seats were in the back stalls hidden behind the glamazons and wannabe fashionistas where we could hardly see the runway. We had taken half a day off work and travelled an hour and a half to get there in time to see a less than exciting show that lasted no more than 20 minutes with clothes we had already seen in store and online. We paid $45 for a ticket plus parking and tolls. I could have bought a new lipstick with this which I think would have been much more worthwhile.

We had to walk a small marathon from our parking spot in very high and uncomfortable heels (though absolutely gorgeous and totally worth it – they were the highlight of the night!) to get to the venue.

After the show you could visit the L’Oréal Paris Powder Room where you could have your nails polished and your lips done, and on departure receive a free gift. The line was gigantic and my poor little feet could not take it any longer so we returned back to the car.

I was so disappointed I decided to compose an email to L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Week. I have never complained before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought the least they could do would be to post me the ‘free gift’. Their response was unfortunately not what I was hoping for. They advised they were sorry I was disappointed and would take my email into consideration. The L’Oréal Paris Powder Room is a free consultation with one of L’Oreal’s team and as this is a free service it is very popular so they recommended that I pop in during one of the fashion shows as there are usually no lines then.So basically, bad luck – come back later. I was unhappy with this response so I decided to email Cosmopolitan who sponsored the event. I am still waiting to hear back from them and have not purchased another copy of Cosmopolitan since.

So really, the only thing that I got from that night was a plastic fan, a back issue of Cosmo I already had and blisters from my shoes.

It is unfortunate as this was my first and will probably be the last fashion show I attend.

Love Kirst xx

Christmas Shopping – Check!

I really have outdone myself this year. I finally started my Xmas shopping last Thursday night and I finished it last Thursday night! The only things I had to go back and get the following Friday was wrapping and cards. I need to pick up the other half of our nephews present and wait for my sisters present that I ordered online to arrive. I wrapped my last present yesterday and it felt great!

 I won’t spoil the surprise for everyone so I’ll tell you what I purchased after Xmas. I really enjoy trying to find the perfect gift for each individual friend and family member. I love it when you watch someone open the present you have picked for them and you just know that they love it. Their eyes light up and they can’t wipe the smile off their faces. I think I am more excited than they are!

I love Xmas time, especially this year as there are a few children in our family. It’s such a joy to listen to them tell you all about what Santa got them this year. My parents in law have hung lights all around the front of their home. My 2-year-old nephew was staring at them in awe and shaking his head he whispered that he thought they were amazing! He’s at a really good age where he isn’t afraid of Santa and every time he sees him at the shopping centre he runs up and gives him a hug and then proceeds to ask for a Buzz Lightning doll from Toy Story. Another little boy connected to our family told his Mum that he had heard Santa’s reindeer on the roof last night and the night before.

They certainly are little characters and make you remember how Xmas should really be celebrated.

Love Kirst xoxo

American Fashion Cookbook

During my daily browsing of the Zoe report (Rachel Zoe’s blog – www.rachelzoe.com) I came across the American Fashion Cookbook. This is a project from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The book has a mix of over 100 recipes accompanied with preparation, pointers, sketches and stories from the designers themselves. 

The editor Lisa Marsh asked designers to submit a recipe that was near and dear to their heart. Some designers asked chefs and restaurants to represent their favorite dish, while others shared their own family recipes. 

American Fashion Cookbook (US$29.70 + Shipping): 100 Designers' Best Recipes (Hardcover) - http://www.amazon.com

With recipes such as Michael Kor’s Grandma Bea’s pot roast, Donna Karan’s green juice and Zac Posen’s favourite butterscotch wafers I’m sure any fashionista’s mouth would be watering. Even the food-phobic variety! 

I can’t wait to get my copy and try these out. I’m sure the food would be amazing and the presentation spectacular.

Love Kirst xx

I Love… My Chanel Handbag

About 6 months ago I jokingly (sort of) asked my husband if I could spend our tax return on a Chanel handbag. He asked me how much they were and when I told him, his reaction wasn’t what I had jokingly hoped for. I told him it was an investment and I could justify this by working it out to $1 per wear. I would only have to wear this handbag every day for the next 8 years and 8 months. Unfortunately this didn’t appear to sway his opinion.

A few months past and we finally got around to lodging our tax return. Saving this money obviously did not cross my mind. A tax return is like free money – as long as you don’t get a bill! So I asked my husband what we were going to buy. He said that he thought I was buying a handbag. You could not imagine my surprise and excitement. I dropped what I was doing and rang the Chanel store immediately to see if my handbag was in stock. It was! I left work early and drove into Collins Street to make my purchase.

I finally arrived and as I walked toward the store I felt like I was on cloud nine. I had a spring in my step and nothing could drag me down from the fashion high I was on. The doorman opened the big glass doors for me and as I stepped inside I thought to myself that this is a lot like what I think heaven might be like! I glided straight towards the counter and introduced myself as the girl who called this morning about THE bag. She looked at me with pity and said she was sorry but they had just sold out. I looked at her in despair. I felt sick. This was the bag I had been dreaming of my whole life and she shattered this dream within two seconds! I felt defeated. I was beyond disappointed. The shop assistant must have realised this and offered me another bag with gold hardware instead of silver. I shook my head. Then she offered me the smaller version of my bag (which was the same price!). I shook my head again. This was not what I had my heart set on and was just not what I wanted. She then offered to call me the minute another bag arrived. I thanked her and walked out the store feeling extremely rejected. I felt so down and the high I was on just minutes ago had completely vanished.

The next day at work I received a call from Chanel to let me know that my bag had come in. The shop assistant advised me to come in straight away as she couldn’t hold the bag for me and also couldn’t guarantee that it would still be there later that day. I couldn’t believe my luck. I ran into my boss and asked if-I-could-go-early-because-my-bag-has-just-turned-up-at-chanel-and-they-won’t-hold-it-for-me-and-it-might-not-be-there-later-and-I-need-to-go-NOW!!!!! As the fashion savvy boss that she is, she immediately understood me and told me to go now! So I did. I called my husband and asked him to collect me immediately. I needed a quick exit from the car when we got to Chanel and could not waste time on ticket parking. He agreed (amazingly) and we were on our way.

We rolled up and I was dropped off in front of the store. I bolted from the car and back into my little piece of heaven. I ran directly to the counter and breathlessly announced that I was here for the bag! The lovely shop assistant smiled at me and asked me to wait there and she would go and get my bag. I beamed back at her and thanked her for all her help. I was finally getting my very own Chanel handbag!!! She returned with my bag and my heart skipped a beat. It was beautiful. I held my breath as I took it in my arms. It was love at first sight. I handed my money over and took a seat while I waited for my new purchase to be wrapped, boxed and ribboned. I felt at home here. Everyone understood the thrill of a new Chanel handbag and were all genuinely excited for me. A few minutes later my bag was returned to me packaged in Chanel’s signature carry bag. My only disappointment today was that I couldn’t show off the carrier bag for longer. I had already kept my husband waiting for quite sometime as we all oohed and ahhed over my new handbag.

Chanel Large Shopping Tote $3210

 I waived goodbye and exchanged air kisses and as I walked out of the store the alarm sounded. I was mortified. I had beeped on my way out of Chanel! I turned around and the doorman asked me to come back in. What had I done?! Thankfully the shop assistant noticed my panick and told me not to worry. She apologised and told me that it was her mistake and she hadn’t removed all the tags from inside the bag. She took my carrier bag away and returned it to me a few minutes later. So I went to leave again. The doors opened and to my relief the alarm remained silent.

I cuddled my carrier bag in the car all the way home. When we returned I de-ribboned, unwrapped and unboxed my gorgeous new handbag. The italian leather smelt amazing as I gently removed the dust bag that revealed the Chanel Large Shopping Tote. My handbag was magnificent and more than I could have ever wanted. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and I suppose I am!

Love Kirst xoxo

Barbie… get on it!

Even though I am 25 years old, I still love Barbie. She is awesome!A couple of months ago there was a Barbie expo at Federation square. As a cover, I dragged my husband’s 7-year-old god-daughter along and bribed her with the hope of free Barbies! When we got there all she wanted to do was get to the shop at the end of the expo where you could design your own Barbie.
The expo had everything you could want to know about Barbies. We learnt how they were made, watched a movie and then waded through rows and rows of Barbies that dated back the first ever Barbie in 1950. There were Barbies designed by high-end designers including Chanel, Versace and Valentino. There were even the glamorous and famous Barbies including Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Beyoncé just to name a few. We walked the runway where mannequins were dressed in full-sized Barbie clothes and later stared through the glass cabinet at the most beautiful Christian Louboutin Barbie pink heels I have ever seen! I couldn’t get enough! So many childhood memories were floating back to me. We made it through the displays of camper vans, limousines and sports cars and to my god daughters delight we finally made it to the store.


So it just goes to show why I find it hard to let go of anything as I know it will have a comeback eventually! 

The ques! I have never seen anything like it! We finally managed to design our own Barbie and I must say they were magnificent! You could choose between hairstyles, clothing, shoes, handbags and makeup. Once your design had been completed our masterpieces were put together and rocked the looks we picked for them in a glass display cabinet before they were wrapped up in a plastic box and popped through the shoot landing in our hot little hands. There were so many things to choose from and we ended up walking out with a remake of the first ever Barbie made in the 1950’s (It was a tough choice between this one and a remake of the 80’s Barbie), a nail file with the phrase ‘plastic is the new tan’ and our design your own Barbie. I almost bought my husband a Ken T-shirt with the slogan ‘doing it Ken style’, however I knew he would never wear it. They also had an offer to subscribe to vogue for six months and you would receive your very own collectable Vogue shopgirl Barbie. That night I went home and immediately ordered it and she is awesome! 


Since going to this expo I have noticed Barbie is popping up everywhere! Mattel have teamed up with Mac and Stila creating the Barbie loves Mac and Barbie loves Stila makeup lines. Even Mimco have got on board with handbags and accessories called Barbie loves Mimco.  


 So it just goes to show why I can’t let go of anything – everything has a comeback eventually! 

Love Kirst xoxo 

All I want for Christmas…

Can you keep a secret? Well, I haven’t actually started my Xmas shopping yet. I know, I know, I do this every year. I always wait until the last minute. It’s so stressful, I don’t know why I do it. Maybe that’s just it – the excitement and the rush of buying all the presents in one night for family and friends. I can just hand over the credit card.. Swipe.. Sold! I am very good at spending money and it really does give me a rush. I can hand that little plastic card to the sales assistant over and over and not even get in trouble for doing it! So spending hundreds of dollars in one night really does give me a thrill!

Even though I haven’t shopped for anyone else at the moment this hasn’t stopped me browsing online for myself. Oh no! I have been scrolling through the pages of eBay, Strawberry Net and Mecca Cosmetica just to name a few. I have even been dreaming in the online stores of Chanel and Jimmy Choo for a beautiful bag or a killer pair of heels!

Online shopping is the best. It fills up all my spare time when I’m bored and can’t find anything to do. I can even do it in my pyjamas! I don’t have to get dressed up and parade around the shops, especially at this time of year. I can just sit at my computer and browse for hours.
Although I do love online shopping there are some downfalls. Shipping charges can be pricey, but if you do your research you can find some sites who will ship for free! The other problem with shipping is that you have to wait to receive the item you have bought. I also never layby for this reason alone. I hate waiting for something I have already bought. I don’t like handing my hard earned cash over when I don’t get anything in return right that minute. I am very impatient and when I want something, I have to have it! When the item I have purchased finally arrives though I really am so excited. I’m getting a surprise present or it’s like I have bought something again.. For free!.. Sort of… well, not really… I guess I feel the same way when I’m shopping online. I can just enter my card details and then I’m done. SOLD! I’m not even spending real money right?! Well, not until the credit card bill comes in 60 days anyway!

So, here is a few things that are on my wish list so far for anyone who is feeling extremely generous or wants to wish for these items themselves:


I have given a few hints but I doubt I will be getting any of these this year. I intend to hit the sales after xmas and hopefully score some bargains!



Love Kirst xx