All I want for Christmas…

Can you keep a secret? Well, I haven’t actually started my Xmas shopping yet. I know, I know, I do this every year. I always wait until the last minute. It’s so stressful, I don’t know why I do it. Maybe that’s just it – the excitement and the rush of buying all the presents in one night for family and friends. I can just hand over the credit card.. Swipe.. Sold! I am very good at spending money and it really does give me a rush. I can hand that little plastic card to the sales assistant over and over and not even get in trouble for doing it! So spending hundreds of dollars in one night really does give me a thrill!

Even though I haven’t shopped for anyone else at the moment this hasn’t stopped me browsing online for myself. Oh no! I have been scrolling through the pages of eBay, Strawberry Net and Mecca Cosmetica just to name a few. I have even been dreaming in the online stores of Chanel and Jimmy Choo for a beautiful bag or a killer pair of heels!

Online shopping is the best. It fills up all my spare time when I’m bored and can’t find anything to do. I can even do it in my pyjamas! I don’t have to get dressed up and parade around the shops, especially at this time of year. I can just sit at my computer and browse for hours.
Although I do love online shopping there are some downfalls. Shipping charges can be pricey, but if you do your research you can find some sites who will ship for free! The other problem with shipping is that you have to wait to receive the item you have bought. I also never layby for this reason alone. I hate waiting for something I have already bought. I don’t like handing my hard earned cash over when I don’t get anything in return right that minute. I am very impatient and when I want something, I have to have it! When the item I have purchased finally arrives though I really am so excited. I’m getting a surprise present or it’s like I have bought something again.. For free!.. Sort of… well, not really… I guess I feel the same way when I’m shopping online. I can just enter my card details and then I’m done. SOLD! I’m not even spending real money right?! Well, not until the credit card bill comes in 60 days anyway!

So, here is a few things that are on my wish list so far for anyone who is feeling extremely generous or wants to wish for these items themselves:


I have given a few hints but I doubt I will be getting any of these this year. I intend to hit the sales after xmas and hopefully score some bargains!

Love Kirst xx


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