Barbie… get on it!

Even though I am 25 years old, I still love Barbie. She is awesome!A couple of months ago there was a Barbie expo at Federation square. As a cover, I dragged my husband’s 7-year-old god-daughter along and bribed her with the hope of free Barbies! When we got there all she wanted to do was get to the shop at the end of the expo where you could design your own Barbie.
The expo had everything you could want to know about Barbies. We learnt how they were made, watched a movie and then waded through rows and rows of Barbies that dated back the first ever Barbie in 1950. There were Barbies designed by high-end designers including Chanel, Versace and Valentino. There were even the glamorous and famous Barbies including Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Beyoncé just to name a few. We walked the runway where mannequins were dressed in full-sized Barbie clothes and later stared through the glass cabinet at the most beautiful Christian Louboutin Barbie pink heels I have ever seen! I couldn’t get enough! So many childhood memories were floating back to me. We made it through the displays of camper vans, limousines and sports cars and to my god daughters delight we finally made it to the store.


So it just goes to show why I find it hard to let go of anything as I know it will have a comeback eventually! 

The ques! I have never seen anything like it! We finally managed to design our own Barbie and I must say they were magnificent! You could choose between hairstyles, clothing, shoes, handbags and makeup. Once your design had been completed our masterpieces were put together and rocked the looks we picked for them in a glass display cabinet before they were wrapped up in a plastic box and popped through the shoot landing in our hot little hands. There were so many things to choose from and we ended up walking out with a remake of the first ever Barbie made in the 1950’s (It was a tough choice between this one and a remake of the 80’s Barbie), a nail file with the phrase ‘plastic is the new tan’ and our design your own Barbie. I almost bought my husband a Ken T-shirt with the slogan ‘doing it Ken style’, however I knew he would never wear it. They also had an offer to subscribe to vogue for six months and you would receive your very own collectable Vogue shopgirl Barbie. That night I went home and immediately ordered it and she is awesome! 


Since going to this expo I have noticed Barbie is popping up everywhere! Mattel have teamed up with Mac and Stila creating the Barbie loves Mac and Barbie loves Stila makeup lines. Even Mimco have got on board with handbags and accessories called Barbie loves Mimco.  


 So it just goes to show why I can’t let go of anything – everything has a comeback eventually! 

Love Kirst xoxo 


One thought on “Barbie… get on it!

  1. I love the Mimco Barbie range!!! And how cute is ur Vogue barbie, she even has her own doggie bag, I am KICKING myself I didnt get to go to that expo, my auntie brought me a barbie tshirt from there tho. hehe

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