Christmas Shopping – Check!

I really have outdone myself this year. I finally started my Xmas shopping last Thursday night and I finished it last Thursday night! The only things I had to go back and get the following Friday was wrapping and cards. I need to pick up the other half of our nephews present and wait for my sisters present that I ordered online to arrive. I wrapped my last present yesterday and it felt great!

 I won’t spoil the surprise for everyone so I’ll tell you what I purchased after Xmas. I really enjoy trying to find the perfect gift for each individual friend and family member. I love it when you watch someone open the present you have picked for them and you just know that they love it. Their eyes light up and they can’t wipe the smile off their faces. I think I am more excited than they are!

I love Xmas time, especially this year as there are a few children in our family. It’s such a joy to listen to them tell you all about what Santa got them this year. My parents in law have hung lights all around the front of their home. My 2-year-old nephew was staring at them in awe and shaking his head he whispered that he thought they were amazing! He’s at a really good age where he isn’t afraid of Santa and every time he sees him at the shopping centre he runs up and gives him a hug and then proceeds to ask for a Buzz Lightning doll from Toy Story. Another little boy connected to our family told his Mum that he had heard Santa’s reindeer on the roof last night and the night before.

They certainly are little characters and make you remember how Xmas should really be celebrated.

Love Kirst xoxo


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