I Love… My Chanel Handbag

About 6 months ago I jokingly (sort of) asked my husband if I could spend our tax return on a Chanel handbag. He asked me how much they were and when I told him, his reaction wasn’t what I had jokingly hoped for. I told him it was an investment and I could justify this by working it out to $1 per wear. I would only have to wear this handbag every day for the next 8 years and 8 months. Unfortunately this didn’t appear to sway his opinion.

A few months past and we finally got around to lodging our tax return. Saving this money obviously did not cross my mind. A tax return is like free money – as long as you don’t get a bill! So I asked my husband what we were going to buy. He said that he thought I was buying a handbag. You could not imagine my surprise and excitement. I dropped what I was doing and rang the Chanel store immediately to see if my handbag was in stock. It was! I left work early and drove into Collins Street to make my purchase.

I finally arrived and as I walked toward the store I felt like I was on cloud nine. I had a spring in my step and nothing could drag me down from the fashion high I was on. The doorman opened the big glass doors for me and as I stepped inside I thought to myself that this is a lot like what I think heaven might be like! I glided straight towards the counter and introduced myself as the girl who called this morning about THE bag. She looked at me with pity and said she was sorry but they had just sold out. I looked at her in despair. I felt sick. This was the bag I had been dreaming of my whole life and she shattered this dream within two seconds! I felt defeated. I was beyond disappointed. The shop assistant must have realised this and offered me another bag with gold hardware instead of silver. I shook my head. Then she offered me the smaller version of my bag (which was the same price!). I shook my head again. This was not what I had my heart set on and was just not what I wanted. She then offered to call me the minute another bag arrived. I thanked her and walked out the store feeling extremely rejected. I felt so down and the high I was on just minutes ago had completely vanished.

The next day at work I received a call from Chanel to let me know that my bag had come in. The shop assistant advised me to come in straight away as she couldn’t hold the bag for me and also couldn’t guarantee that it would still be there later that day. I couldn’t believe my luck. I ran into my boss and asked if-I-could-go-early-because-my-bag-has-just-turned-up-at-chanel-and-they-won’t-hold-it-for-me-and-it-might-not-be-there-later-and-I-need-to-go-NOW!!!!! As the fashion savvy boss that she is, she immediately understood me and told me to go now! So I did. I called my husband and asked him to collect me immediately. I needed a quick exit from the car when we got to Chanel and could not waste time on ticket parking. He agreed (amazingly) and we were on our way.

We rolled up and I was dropped off in front of the store. I bolted from the car and back into my little piece of heaven. I ran directly to the counter and breathlessly announced that I was here for the bag! The lovely shop assistant smiled at me and asked me to wait there and she would go and get my bag. I beamed back at her and thanked her for all her help. I was finally getting my very own Chanel handbag!!! She returned with my bag and my heart skipped a beat. It was beautiful. I held my breath as I took it in my arms. It was love at first sight. I handed my money over and took a seat while I waited for my new purchase to be wrapped, boxed and ribboned. I felt at home here. Everyone understood the thrill of a new Chanel handbag and were all genuinely excited for me. A few minutes later my bag was returned to me packaged in Chanel’s signature carry bag. My only disappointment today was that I couldn’t show off the carrier bag for longer. I had already kept my husband waiting for quite sometime as we all oohed and ahhed over my new handbag.

Chanel Large Shopping Tote $3210

 I waived goodbye and exchanged air kisses and as I walked out of the store the alarm sounded. I was mortified. I had beeped on my way out of Chanel! I turned around and the doorman asked me to come back in. What had I done?! Thankfully the shop assistant noticed my panick and told me not to worry. She apologised and told me that it was her mistake and she hadn’t removed all the tags from inside the bag. She took my carrier bag away and returned it to me a few minutes later. So I went to leave again. The doors opened and to my relief the alarm remained silent.

I cuddled my carrier bag in the car all the way home. When we returned I de-ribboned, unwrapped and unboxed my gorgeous new handbag. The italian leather smelt amazing as I gently removed the dust bag that revealed the Chanel Large Shopping Tote. My handbag was magnificent and more than I could have ever wanted. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world and I suppose I am!

Love Kirst xoxo


6 thoughts on “I Love… My Chanel Handbag

  1. If you are a reading sort, check out the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. The main character Becky shops a lot (addicted!) invests in brands (not sure of Chanel) and actually shows her hubby that her purchases were investments.

    • Thanks Jeena. I love reading and have actually read all of Sophie Kinsella’s books including the shopaholic series. I love them and can totally relate to them – although I do think everyone can relate to these books in some way. Thanks!!

  2. Kirst you are so adorable. You deserve that handbag and your husband sounds very sweet. I bet it’s still as lovely as when you first brought it home. I currently own a cute Chanel replica and once it falls apart I am going to invest in the real thing. I’m not that big on purses but of all the designer bags out there I am really drawn to Chanel! 😉

    • Thanks Kerry, that’s really lovely! My husband is very sweet and I’m so lucky that he let me get my Chanel bag. It is my pride and joy and definitely worth every penny! 🙂 X

  3. I thought such a deeply materialistic mindset only existed on TV. This blog was a wake-up call that I need to work yet harder teaching young people about the mind-numbing disaster that is consumerism. I read this and felt embarrassed and sorry–I stumbled on it researching a Greenpeace Barbie campaign. Imagine what folks could do with that money–what food and books and clothes you might be able to buy for someone who actually needs something useful. How silly to buy into Chanel’s hype. They sure have you hooked! To me, your words all read as so…strange and shallow and disconnected from reality. I hope you will find something better to do with your time, energy, and money some day. Yikes.

    • Thanks so much for your comments Alice. I really don’t feel the need to justify myself, however do you actually know anything about the charities I do/don’t support… No? Just wandering how your view is actually the ‘right view’ as to how I should be spending my time, energy and money? Please feel free to not read my blog in the future if it upsets you. This may not be the place for you if you feel the need to be judgemental… k, thanks! 🙂

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