L’Oréal Paris Melbourne Fashion Week…. BORING!

One thing I am surprisingly not looking forward to this year is L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Week. 

A friend and I attended our first fashion show a few years ago and were not impressed at all. We decided to go check it out only a few weeks before, so our tickets were booked quite late. We weren’t surprised to find our seats were in the back stalls hidden behind the glamazons and wannabe fashionistas where we could hardly see the runway. We had taken half a day off work and travelled an hour and a half to get there in time to see a less than exciting show that lasted no more than 20 minutes with clothes we had already seen in store and online. We paid $45 for a ticket plus parking and tolls. I could have bought a new lipstick with this which I think would have been much more worthwhile.

We had to walk a small marathon from our parking spot in very high and uncomfortable heels (though absolutely gorgeous and totally worth it – they were the highlight of the night!) to get to the venue.

After the show you could visit the L’Oréal Paris Powder Room where you could have your nails polished and your lips done, and on departure receive a free gift. The line was gigantic and my poor little feet could not take it any longer so we returned back to the car.

I was so disappointed I decided to compose an email to L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Week. I have never complained before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought the least they could do would be to post me the ‘free gift’. Their response was unfortunately not what I was hoping for. They advised they were sorry I was disappointed and would take my email into consideration. The L’Oréal Paris Powder Room is a free consultation with one of L’Oreal’s team and as this is a free service it is very popular so they recommended that I pop in during one of the fashion shows as there are usually no lines then.So basically, bad luck – come back later. I was unhappy with this response so I decided to email Cosmopolitan who sponsored the event. I am still waiting to hear back from them and have not purchased another copy of Cosmopolitan since.

So really, the only thing that I got from that night was a plastic fan, a back issue of Cosmo I already had and blisters from my shoes.

It is unfortunate as this was my first and will probably be the last fashion show I attend.

Love Kirst xx


3 thoughts on “L’Oréal Paris Melbourne Fashion Week…. BORING!

  1. My tips would be to stay off the beaten track of the LMFF schedule and look for the more independent designer’s shows on during the week. There are plenty of free or cheaper parades/shows that will be full of pieces you haven’t yet seen unless you are familiar with the label. Often the other shows will have at least a glass of bubble and perhaps music and dance or art performance or exhibits as well as a parade. You can go to several on one night to cut down on travel.

    I love the festivals but then I’m biased as I’m lucky to go to lots of them! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah, I’ll def check it out. I never thought to look for the parades/shows this way. It sounds like a much better night out. You’re so lucky you get to go to lots of them!

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