Wedding Bells

I received an unexpected phone call yesterday with some fabulous news. Two of our good friends, Kath and Shaun are engaged to be married!

The reason this news is so unexpected is because these two people have been together for 11 years and have 4 gorgeous children together – aged 8, 5, 3 and 1.

Kath had always said that she would know if Shaun was going to propose. With 4 kids it’s harder to get away with planning a romantic rendezvous without thinking that something must be up. Shaun cooked an Aussie BBQ breakfast yesterday on Australia day for Kath and their kids. Just before they started eating Kath went to the kitchen to finish serving their meals when Shaun called out that he had a question to ask her. Kath thought to herself, here we go… what is it this time… another car or a boat? She turned around to find Shaun on bended knee with a ring box held up for her. She was speechless and definitely had no idea that this was actually happening! He asked her to marry him and obviously she said yes! They then started making their phone calls letting everyone know that they were finally heading down the aisle.

Their eldest daughter, Kiah who is also my husbands god-daughter and was flower girl in our wedding is really excited about her parents getting married. She said to me yesterday that she was just so shocked but couldn’t wait to go back to school and tell all her friends and teachers that her Mum and Dad are getting married. She also told her Mum where they could go shopping for the wedding as she has been a flower girl in two weddings already and hopes to be one again for her parent’s wedding. I think we might have a little wedding planner on our hands.
I asked Riley, their second eldest boy what he thought about his parents getting married. He said he was really happy but didn’t like weddings because he didn’t like to see people kissing – it’s yuck!
The other two kids, Tyler and Beau aren’t old enough to really understand what’s happening yet but will have an idea when the wedding happens within the next year or two.

Oh, and we can’t forget the ring – It is a yellow gold band with 4 diamonds on either side of the band that sweep up to 5 larger diamonds in the middle – 1 diamond for Shaun and the other 4 diamonds for their kids.

I am absolutely thrilled for their family and can’t wait to carve up the dance floor at their wedding!

Love Kirst xx


LOVE: Stila #30 Double-ended Shadow brush

I bought this brush from eBay and it is AMAZING! A few months ago I used this brush during my makeup lesson at Mecca Cosmetica and came across it again on eBay.

Stila #30 Double-ended Shadow Brush

The bonus was it was also only half the price. I have bought almost all of my makeup brushes from eBay. At first I was worried that they wouldn’t be the real thing but I have found that all the brushes I have bought are of proffessional quality – and only a fraction of the cost!

This brush is really easy to use and blends to perfection. You can just slap a bit of eyeshadow on with the thicker side and easily blend with the other side. The results are fabulous and I could not recommend this brush enough.

Love Kirst xx

I want Sephora!!

I am in totally in love with the magic of Sephora. However… the only place I can find any of these products is on eBay. I can’t believe Sephora don’t deliver to Australia. Never mind outrageous shipping charges – I don’t even have the choice to pay them! They seem to deliver to almost everywhere else in the world. I am completely devastated!

On my latest browse of their website I now really want to try the Kat Von D makeup and the Urban Decay heavy metal eyeliner that they stock. I visit the Sephora website from time to time to unfortunately see what isn’t available to me. I always find something new that I MUST HAVE and find myself getting frustrated that I can’t have it. A happy online shopping trip should end with just that – happiness, not frustration and sadness.

I guess I’ll have to keep on eBaying until Sephora get with the program and start shipping to Australia. I know that I’d definitely make it worth their while!

Drop me a line if you know of anywhere else I can get my hands on these goodies. 🙂

Love Kirst xx

Fabulous Lashes

I am loving false eyelashes! I have always used the ModelCo individual false lashes and love them to bits, but flicking through my new Makeup book I got at the Xmas sales, I noticed there are a lot more looks to create with different kinds of lashes. So, for the last few days I made it my mission to find some fabulously flirty flutter me lashes. This mission came to an end a few days ago on eBay. Here I found myself an absolute bargain! Have I told you that I love eBay? I couldn’t believe how many different types there were.

Here is what I have ordered:

False Eyelashes - eBay

All these prices include shipping – can you believe it!? Insane! I can’t wait to get them and I will let you know how I go trying to apply them. Should be fun!

Love Kirst xx

My Beauty Look

I am really loving these false eyelashes. Stay tuned for my next post on them!

Love Kirst xx

So… I’m on a budget…

So… I have been put on a budget. It was obviously inevitable, but it still absolutely sucks none the less. I have been on this budget for a few months now, and it’s surprisingly not that bad. I don’t have the luxury to purchase high-end pieces every week but I think I have a good eye and can pick up some great bargains when on my shopping expeditions. The more expensive pieces I will have to wait for my birthday, Xmas or just because presents from my husband.

I now get a certain amount of ‘pocket money’ each week. I usually spend the lot on the day I get it so I actually have something to show for it. If I spend it all on the one day, I can still splurge and treat myself to something really worthwhile. If I don’t I end up buying lunch every day instead when really I should have prepared it at home. Some weeks, if I’m really lacking funds I dip into my petrol allowance – Shhh… don’t tell my husband! I always leave enough petrol money to make sure I can still get to work. It’s just not worth trying to explain to my husband why I don’t have enough petrol to get to work and why I now have a brand new pair or shoes in my closet! A bit sneaky I know, but my shopping addiction has to be satisfied somehow!

I have no credit cards so I can’t rack up any debt. It really does give you a good feeling when you are shopping and buying things that you know are not going to give you that sick feeling in your stomach at the end of every month when the credit card statement rolls in. I know that if I had a credit card I would definitely be in big trouble. I can’t help myself. If I see something I want, I need to have it NOW!! I can’t possibly wait and save up for it. Are you kidding me? Now that I’m on my budget, if I can’t afford something I have to leave it and go home. It’s so hard, but I literally can’t buy it! If I’m still thinking about it in a few days time, I give my husband a call and try to make a deal with him so I can afford to go and get it. It usually ends up with my spending money being reduced for the next month in order to pay it back. Afer a week or so, my husband feels sorry for me and says forget about it and gives me back my usual spending money. I know I can’t do this all the time, so I pick my shopping battles with him. If it is an investment then I will fight to the death. If not, then I cut my losses and move on.

I guess my budget isn’t so bad. I can keep track of how much I’m actually spending and know that I won’t have a heart attack when I’m trying to remember where and how many times I was swiping that little plastic card. No more hiding the bank statement while I try to figure out how I can get away with all those sneaky purchases no one was supposed to know about.

I can appreciate the things that I buy now and know that most of these things won’t end up at the back of my closet never worn with the tags still on.

Love Kirst xx


Lanstrum are a 6-piece band from Melbourne, Australia. The band is made up of vocalist Joey Biro and bassplayer Drew Dedman (ex-Superheist), with Rob Farnham (ex-Nana-Zhami, Lunchcutter) and Ash Mannerheim on guitar. John Chamberlain on keyboards & samples and Rob Brens (Alarum) on drums. The band influences are from hardcore to metal, electronic to mainstream rock. They are currently recording their debut EP set for release in early 2010.


I went and saw them play at Ruby’s lounge in Belgrave on the 13-11-09 and they were outstanding. I couldn’t pull myself away. The singer, Joey Biro has an amazing voice. He creates a charismatic presence on stage that could never be taught. You can definitely see that each member of this band is an experienced musician and together they are very tight musically.

Joey Biro – vocals, Drew Dedman – bass, Rob Farnham – guitar, Ash Mannerheim – guitar, John Chamberlain – keys, Rob Brens – drums 

Metal / Rock / Alternative Rock

Fri Jan 22 10 07:00 PM | Melbourne, VIC AU
Venue: Espy Gershwin Room
Address: The Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC, AU
Details: W/ Bronson (EP Launch) & Death Audio & Voltera

Website: /

I will definitely be there – I hope you can make it!

Love Kirst xx