Bling it, Bedazzler style.

A friend of mine bought a gorgeous top from Bardot the other day. It was plain black with silver metal studs all over the shoulders. On closer inspection I realised that this was the work of a bedazzler. Granted, the machine that produced this top was probably a very expensive stud press with all the bells and whistles but when I saw this top I thought, I could totally do this! 

If you don’t remember, a bedazzler was a little hand-held machine that pressed metal studs into garments. These studs came in hundreds of different styles and colours. I remember having a bedazzler when I was little, I have no idea where it has ended up now. I would bedazzle anything I could get my hands on – tops, jeans, dresses, skirts, hats, scarves, shoes and even underwear! I would go crazy designing different patterns and looks even back then.  

The Original Bedazzler

I hunted online for the bedazzler and actually found them on eBay! They’re around the $30.00 mark and I even found studs that you can buy separately. I am beyond excited and cannot wait to get my very own bedazzler. 

I told you everything has a comeback! 

Love Kirst xx


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