Colour me Inglot.

If you haven’t already noticed I am totally and completely into Makeup. I love it and everything about it. I love creating and applying new ideas and wish I could play with it all day long! I’m looking into doing some sort of course at the moment, so please leave a comment if you can recommend anyone. I am looking at Helene Abicair Makeup course at the moment. They seem to offer quite a lot for a price that doesn’t send me running. I’d like to perfect my technique and really just have a good go at it.

Someone very generous gave me an Inglot voucher for Christmas. I vaguely remembered that there was a store in Chadstone but had never been in before. So I ventured down to Chadstone during the sales and the moment I stepped into the store I got carried away with the beautiful colours and the energetic atmosphere, and I wondered to myself why I had not visited sooner.

The most impressive thing about the Inglot store is the splash of colour that just hits you the moment you look inside. There is an entire wall dedicated to eyeshadows. You can create your own palette with as many colours as you like. They have all the colours of the rainbow and then some! There are counters full of eyeliners, gel eyeliners, blushes, creams, highlighter and nail polish. There are walls of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners. There are metallics and pigments in every colour you could imagine. There is a huge range of makeup brushes and rolls as well as brush cleaner, makeup remover and lashes.

I was immediately lovestruck and have already accumulated a white eyeliner ($22.00), 3 palette eyeshadow – gold, lilac and purple ($35.00), brush cleaner ($17.00), mahogany pigment ($25.00) and copper pigment ($25.00). I am currently lusting after the range of metallic eyeliners in turquoise, purple and green ($22.00), metallic silver pigment ($25.00) and dark purple nail polish ($15.00).

I was really surprised with how low their prices were. It is really affordable and I don’t know about you, but purchasing a new lip gloss or even a nail polish makes me feel happy and I can always afford something that will boost my confidence.  I will definitely be visiting again soon!

Love Kirst xx


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