Xmas Presents / Boxing Day Sales!

I was absolutely spoilt rotten at Christmas by my family and friends. They obviously know me better than I do myself! They are the best and I wouldn’t trade them in for anyone else.

Here are a list of things that I scored on the day:

Mimco makeup bag
Body shop shimmer body lotion, shower gel and soap
Car sticker – I love shoes, I’m superficial, whatever…
Tea set
Book – Gossip Girl, Meet the Carlyles: Love the one you’re with.
Mecca voucher
Inglot voucher
Candle snuffer

With the money I received I went crazy at the Boxing day sales. Surprisingly enough, this was actually the first time I have ever been shopping on boxing day. 

My plan of attack was to start early and know what I was looking for.I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre and arrived at 8:00 am. I couldn’t believe that there was no traffic and I just drove straight in and parked about 20 metres away from the entrance. I knew it was going to be a good day shopping after that – and it was! 

Here is a list of things I splurged on:

Silver Flower Ring – City chic: $15.00
Strapless yellow and black floral baby doll dress – City chic: $40.00
Purple and black Maxi Dress with braid straps – City chic: $65.00
T-Shirt – City chic: $10.00
Purple floaty top with frills – City chic:  $20.00
Light pink and black 3/4 sleeve floaty top with lace detail – City chic: $20.00 Black singlet with stud detail – City chic: $30.00
Jeans – City chic: $45.00
Underwear – Target: $50.00
Book / Target – I heart hollywood, Lindsey Kelk: $16.14
Book / Target – Hot on her heels, Susan Mallery: $11.04 
Book / Borders – Makeup – The Ultimate Guide, Rae Morris:  $45.00
Black patent Thongs – Target: $20.00
Multi coloured Heels – Target: $45.00
Duo Nars eyeshadow in Jolie Poppee (purples) – Mecca Cosmetica: $78.00
Duo Nars eyeshadow in Brumes (Black/Brown) – Mecca Cosmetica: $78.00
Mini Stila lip gloss pack of 6 – Mecca Cosmetica: $32.00
Inglot Eyeliner (White) – Inglot: $22.00
Inglot 3 palette eyeshadow (Gold, Lilac, Purple) – Inglot: $35.00
Inglot pigment (Copper) – Inglot: $25.00
Inglot pigment (Mahogany) – Inglot: $25.00
Inglot Brush Cleaner – Inglot: $17.00

All in one day – not a bad effort! I definitely shopped till I dropped and loved every minute of it!

Love Kirst xx


5 thoughts on “Xmas Presents / Boxing Day Sales!

  1. Do you mean to say that all the money (I don’t even want to total the items) you’ve detailed, you received as gifts?!! WOWWOWW!! Can I borrow your relatives/ friends?? LOL

    Do you want to take pics of you wearing all these stuff and put it up here? So we can see them, at least most of them 😉

    • I know! When I was typing everything in I realised how much I had actually spent! I don’t want to add it up either! I was really lucky this year and my husband gave me a few extra dollars to put towards the sales for xmas. I will definitely put some pics up here when I get a chance. 🙂

  2. Hey,
    I noticed your blog and wow your are lucky!
    Also I saw that you got quite a few things from city chic and I was wondering do you know if they have any sales on at the moment?


    • Hi Laila, thanks for your msg. Yes they are still having sales – I think everything has been marked down even further. I walked past yesterday and noticed that they still had heaps on sale. They also have sales online as well which look pretty good. Check it out: http://www.citychic.com.au. Enjoy!! 🙂

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