So… I’m on a budget…

So… I have been put on a budget. It was obviously inevitable, but it still absolutely sucks none the less. I have been on this budget for a few months now, and it’s surprisingly not that bad. I don’t have the luxury to purchase high-end pieces every week but I think I have a good eye and can pick up some great bargains when on my shopping expeditions. The more expensive pieces I will have to wait for my birthday, Xmas or just because presents from my husband.

I now get a certain amount of ‘pocket money’ each week. I usually spend the lot on the day I get it so I actually have something to show for it. If I spend it all on the one day, I can still splurge and treat myself to something really worthwhile. If I don’t I end up buying lunch every day instead when really I should have prepared it at home. Some weeks, if I’m really lacking funds I dip into my petrol allowance – Shhh… don’t tell my husband! I always leave enough petrol money to make sure I can still get to work. It’s just not worth trying to explain to my husband why I don’t have enough petrol to get to work and why I now have a brand new pair or shoes in my closet! A bit sneaky I know, but my shopping addiction has to be satisfied somehow!

I have no credit cards so I can’t rack up any debt. It really does give you a good feeling when you are shopping and buying things that you know are not going to give you that sick feeling in your stomach at the end of every month when the credit card statement rolls in. I know that if I had a credit card I would definitely be in big trouble. I can’t help myself. If I see something I want, I need to have it NOW!! I can’t possibly wait and save up for it. Are you kidding me? Now that I’m on my budget, if I can’t afford something I have to leave it and go home. It’s so hard, but I literally can’t buy it! If I’m still thinking about it in a few days time, I give my husband a call and try to make a deal with him so I can afford to go and get it. It usually ends up with my spending money being reduced for the next month in order to pay it back. Afer a week or so, my husband feels sorry for me and says forget about it and gives me back my usual spending money. I know I can’t do this all the time, so I pick my shopping battles with him. If it is an investment then I will fight to the death. If not, then I cut my losses and move on.

I guess my budget isn’t so bad. I can keep track of how much I’m actually spending and know that I won’t have a heart attack when I’m trying to remember where and how many times I was swiping that little plastic card. No more hiding the bank statement while I try to figure out how I can get away with all those sneaky purchases no one was supposed to know about.

I can appreciate the things that I buy now and know that most of these things won’t end up at the back of my closet never worn with the tags still on.

Love Kirst xx


2 thoughts on “So… I’m on a budget…

  1. haha you are so funny, this sounds totally like me. But luckily I dont yet have to report to anyone. I try do it to myself, but it doesnt work fighting a purchase with myself, coz I just buy it anyway.

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