I want Sephora!!

I am in totally in love with the magic of Sephora. However‚Ķ the only place I can find any of these products is on eBay. I can’t believe Sephora don’t deliver to Australia. Never mind outrageous shipping charges – I don’t even have the choice to pay them! They seem to deliver to almost everywhere else in the world. I am completely devastated!

On my latest browse of their website I now really want to try the Kat Von D makeup and the Urban Decay heavy metal eyeliner that they stock. I visit the Sephora website from time to time to unfortunately see what isn’t available to me. I always find something new that I MUST HAVE and find myself getting frustrated that I can’t have it. A happy online shopping trip should end with just that – happiness, not frustration and sadness.

I guess I’ll have to keep on eBaying until Sephora get with the program and start shipping to Australia. I know that I’d definitely make it worth their while!

Drop me a line if you know of anywhere else I can get my hands on these goodies. ūüôā


Love Kirst xx


Fabulous Lashes

I am loving false eyelashes! I have always used the ModelCo¬†individual false lashes and love them to bits, but flicking through my new Makeup book¬†I got at the Xmas sales, I noticed there are a¬†lot more looks to create with different kinds of lashes. So, for the last few days I made it my mission to¬†find some fabulously flirty flutter me lashes. This mission came to an end a few days ago¬†on eBay.¬†Here I found myself an absolute bargain! Have I told you that I love eBay? I couldn’t believe how many different types there were.

Here is what I have ordered:

False Eyelashes - eBay

All these prices include shipping – can you believe it!? Insane! I can’t wait to get them and I will let you know how I go trying to apply them. Should be fun!

Love Kirst xx