Wedding Bells

I received an unexpected phone call yesterday with some fabulous news. Two of our good friends, Kath and Shaun are engaged to be married!

The reason this news is so unexpected is because these two people have been together for 11 years and have 4 gorgeous children together – aged 8, 5, 3 and 1.

Kath had always said that she would know if Shaun was going to propose. With 4 kids it’s harder to get away with planning a romantic rendezvous without thinking that something must be up. Shaun cooked an Aussie BBQ breakfast yesterday on Australia day for Kath and their kids. Just before they started eating Kath went to the kitchen to finish serving their meals when Shaun called out that he had a question to ask her. Kath thought to herself, here we go… what is it this time… another car or a boat? She turned around to find Shaun on bended knee with a ring box held up for her. She was speechless and definitely had no idea that this was actually happening! He asked her to marry him and obviously she said yes! They then started making their phone calls letting everyone know that they were finally heading down the aisle.

Their eldest daughter, Kiah who is also my husbands god-daughter and was flower girl in our wedding is really excited about her parents getting married. She said to me yesterday that she was just so shocked but couldn’t wait to go back to school and tell all her friends and teachers that her Mum and Dad are getting married. She also told her Mum where they could go shopping for the wedding as she has been a flower girl in two weddings already and hopes to be one again for her parent’s wedding. I think we might have a little wedding planner on our hands.
I asked Riley, their second eldest boy what he thought about his parents getting married. He said he was really happy but didn’t like weddings because he didn’t like to see people kissing – it’s yuck!
The other two kids, Tyler and Beau aren’t old enough to really understand what’s happening yet but will have an idea when the wedding happens within the next year or two.

Oh, and we can’t forget the ring – It is a yellow gold band with 4 diamonds on either side of the band that sweep up to 5 larger diamonds in the middle – 1 diamond for Shaun and the other 4 diamonds for their kids.

I am absolutely thrilled for their family and can’t wait to carve up the dance floor at their wedding!

Love Kirst xx


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