MAC Mineralize Eye shadow Duo – Pink Split

On one of my routine shopping trips to Chadstone I had a look – honestly, just a look! at the MAC counter in Myer. I quickly set my sights on the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow duo range. I instantly fell in love with the shade Pink Split. I had already been to the Sugar stop, Borders and Wittner so I couldn’t afford to spend another $40.00 – without getting into trouble. So I tore myself away from the counter and continued my window shopping – where I had to tear myself away from many other stores.

I got home and found myself thinking about this beautiful eyeshadow for the next few days, visualising different makeup looks and outfits and came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t live without it. I knew at the time I wanted the shadow, but sometimes I can go home and forget about it and in the end I actually could live without it. But this time I ‘needed’ it, so I borrowed some money and went back for my must-have-or-I-will-DIE purchase.

MAC Mineralize Eye shadow Duo - Pink Split $40.00

This shade is a dirty rose with bronze and pale blue veining/Pink with gold pearl mono (Frost). The two shades are baked together in a single pan compact. When applying dry you can achieve a pearly finish. You can also apply wet for a more intense colour and dramatic look.

I also want to add to my mineralize eye shadow collection with – Family Silver, Fresh Green Mix, Sea & Sky and Play on Plums.

Love Kirst xx


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