Is the pout out?

Have you noticed people are smiling more with their teeth and less with their trout pout and eyes. I love a pout, but without the trout. I also love a pout if you can create an intensity with your eyes – Jennifer Lopez knows how to work this look. Sometimes it’s really overdone – sorry Lisa Rinna and Sophie Monk, but sometimes it looks good and a natural pout works best most of the time – nice work Kim  Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson.

Pout - The good, the bad and the ugly

I use my ‘smile face’ most of the time. I am generally a happy person and am told I smile with my eyes. Tyra Banks watch out! Although most people wonder if I can actually see out of my eyes when I am laughing because they squint together – they may look closed but they’re not, I can see you!

I use my ‘pout face’ when I’m getting ready in front of the mirror. Actually, I use my ‘pout face’ in front of any mirror no matter what I am doing. I have done since I was little. My friends laugh at me because I don’t even realise when I am doing it. I can be in a car pouting to myself in the mirror attached to the sun visor admiring my glossy lips, or I could be in the bathroom at a club hogging the mirror with a line of girls waiting for the loo.

I think either look is better than a frown or an angry face, so keep on smiling and it might wear off on someone else. This is a trend that should be here to stay.

Love Kirst xx


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