Nars – The Multiple

The Multiple by NARS Cosmetics (A$89) is an oil free, cream to powder texture, multi-purpose make up stick for the entire face and body.

It’s creamy formula is quick and easy to apply and blends effortlessly. It has a sheer and natural finish on all skin tones. There are colours to suit everyone and can match any look you are trying to create. It is a great highlighter for eyes, brows, temples, ridge of nose, cheekbones etc.

Nars - This Multiple A$89


I am loving the shades Luxor and Tuomota.

Luxor is a shimmery light pink shade that I think would suit almost everyone. I use it as a suttle highlighter, however you can build it up to make a more bold statement. It glides on smoothly and is really silky and soft. I apply it over foundation starting from the brow bone, then around to the cheekbones, then around the jaw line, creating a number 3. I also apply it to the bridge of the nose and then gently blend into the skin.

Tuomota is a light bronzer which I apply the same way. This really suits my skin tone as I am a little more fair. I like to use this when I am after a more bronzed glow and if I’m really in the mood for a glowing complexion I apply them together.

Love Kirst xx


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