White 16gb iphone – I got one! :)

I got a killer new 16gb iPhone on the weekend. It’s a white one and I am absolutely in love with it! 

I still need to deck it out with a blingy cover, so that is my mission this week. I also need to add all my music to it and think of a good ringtone – so if you have any ideas, let me know!
I can ditch my iPod because I now have an iPod and mobile all in one – handy! 

I have also added heaps of apps including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Foxtel and eBay. I am actually writing this post on it now. 

White 16gb iPhone


I know I have been a bit slow on the uptake with the post. I have actually been wanting an iPhone for ages. I finally decided that I couldn’t wait till my contract ran out – like most things I can never just wait for anything. So I had the balance of what I owed from my original contract split into 11 months and added to my new contract – crisis over. There is a solution to every problem! 

I will give you the hot tip – and I don’t give them very often – but do yourself a favour and get on the iPhone. It’s a big call but I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I used to be a die-hard Nokia fan but I have now turned to the iPhone. 

Love Kirst xx


3 thoughts on “White 16gb iphone – I got one! :)

  1. Hey Kirst. If you havent already heard of it, try audiko.net for your ringtones, you can get ABSOLUTLEY anything and have the best part of the song already cut and you can save it right into your itunes and drag it into the ringtones section!
    Its honestly THE BEST iphone ringtones website.

    Enjoy ur iphone, Ive had mine for about 8 months now, and i still cant get enough of it, they are the BEST invention.

  2. OH and re: the blingy cover – try international ebay, I got a fairly good priced one on there – the only thing is they make the phone look really fat. I only had mine on for a little bit, and then ended up taking it off.
    Knox also sells them in those little phone shops on the middle of the centre.

  3. Thanks Charlie! I will definitely look at the ringtones – I noticed you can’t get a huge variety on iTunes. I was thinking that those covers might be a bit bulky, I might try Knox so I can see what I’m getting. I wouldn’t want my phone to look fat! xo

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