Giuliana & Bill – Perfect Match

Have you been watching Giuliana & Bill on E! and The Style Network? Well, you should be! It’s hilarious, lovely and sometimes brings a tear to your eye!

Giuliana & Bill were married in Italy on the 1st of September, 2007. During an interview Giuliana remembers that she met Bill a long time ago at an NBC party where Giuliana’s ex-boyfriend was working. He actually introduced them! Giuliana was a fan of The Apprentice and thought Bill was a cutie-pie, but that was that. Giuliana then interviewed Bill a year later when they were both in relationships and then again a couple of years later where they were both single and that’s when they hit it off.

Giuliana & Bill

Bill is based in Chicago and Giuliana is based in LA during the week. They split their time between the two cities and travel back and forth to see each other. They aren’t to worried about it at the moment as they love each other enough to know it’s not going to hurt them. They will re-access their situation later especially when it comes to having kids. Right now they are both focusing on their careers.

We’ve watched them bond over their Italy Wedding, building a house and even planning a second wedding (jealous much?!). I’ve heard that the first season of their show was about getting to know Giuliana & Bill. Apparently the second season gets more personal, so fasten your seatbelts!

Giuliana & Bill really are the perfect couple. You can just feel how in love they are and how much they really respect each other. We’ve seen them laugh together, cry together and work out together. I can’t wait for the next episode!

Love Kirst xx


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