David & Camy’s Noodle Restaurant

I went out with my sister and friend on Saturday night. My sister recommended this chinese place in Box Hill called David & Camy’s Noodle Restaurant so we decided to check it out. 

It is a little chinese place that isn’t much when you walk in – but the food is AH-MAZ-ING! It is also so cheap! We ordered 15 steamed pork with chives dumplings (that’s right – 15. Yum!), plate of noodles (HUGE!), plate of broccoli with oyster sauce (HUGE! – can’t forget the vegies!), 7 pumpkin cakes (DIE!) and drinks. Total $34.50 and we split it between the 3 of us. That is absolutely crazy cheap! 

It was so delicious I will definitely go back again.  

David & Camy's Noodle Restaurant

David & Camy’s Noodle Restaurant
590 Station Street
Box Hill, VIC. 3128
Phone: 03 9898 8398 


Love Kirst xx


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