Tick Tock: Man-Style Watches

I am loving man-style watches at the moment. Who wants a little dainty watch when you can get a show-stopping look-at-me watch! I always find myself browsing for watches in the mens section instead of the womans section. I also ‘borrow’ my husband’s DKNY watch every once in a while. It is amazing – stainless steel with a large square face and black background. When I mean borrow, I mean it now lives in my jewellery draw! I also have a guess watch that I wear almost everyday – stainless steel with large round face, white/silver background and bling around the face and down the band, LOVE! Why save a good watch for a special occasion? If you love it – wear it! You have to get your money’s worth!

My justification for everything I buy is if I get $1 for every time I wear it and it eventually evens out to what I paid for it, it’s a bargain! Who can’t afford $1 per wear? There are 365 days in a year and most watches have a warranty on them so if you wear it everyday for a whole year it should pretty much pay for itself right!?

Guess, DKNY and Nixon are my favourite brands for mens watches. Here are a few of my favourites:

Man-Style Watches

Love Kirst xx


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