Lipstick: To Gloss or To Matte?

I have this conversation all the time and I have to say that I much prefer the look of a gloss lipstick. If I wear a matte lipstick, I always top it up with a bit of gloss. What can I say I love to shine!

Lipstick: To Gloss or To Matte?

I always start by conditioning my lips. Try putting on some lip balm (Lucas’ Papaw Ointment) and massaging a toothbrush into your lips. This exfoliates your pout and leaves your lips smooth and ready for your lipstick. There is nothing worse than lipstick on cracked lips! I then apply a lip primer to help with a smooth and lasting application (MAC Prep and Prime). I then line my lips with lip liner (same colour as lipstick – NEVER darker). A lip liner is a great tool to define your lips and outline their shape. It also helps your lipstick stay put. Then using a lip brush I apply my lipstick and then my gloss. Leave the gloss alone if you want a matte look.

I Heart Lipstick

Kirst xx


2 thoughts on “Lipstick: To Gloss or To Matte?

    • Apply a lip balm and then gently massage your lips with a dry toothbrush. This will get rid of the dry and dead skin leaving your lips nice and smooth. It doesn’t hurt – just be gentle! Thanks!

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