My Signature Scent

I love it when a person glides past you and leaves you wondering what perfume they were wearing? I also love it when a person has the same particular scent all the time and if I smell something similar it reminds me of that person. I used to have this. It was ‘Hot Couture’ by Givenchy. Wherever I went everyone would comment and compliment me on how nice my perfume was. Alas, I ran out and picked up another bottle only to find that it’s a little different, doesn’t last as long and is not as strong. You get used to all these compliments and then they just disappear. So my search is back on to find my signature scent. The fragrance that everyone will know belongs to me.

When I was younger I used to wear ‘Charlie Silver’ and ‘Angel’. How original! I didn’t really like Angel that much, everyone else did so I thought I should like it too! Talk about a trend-setter in my earlier days! I then started experimenting with different scents and have now found ‘Her, Just Cavalli’ by Roberto Cavalli. I absolutely love it but am not sure how it smells on me. I think it smells better on other people so that makes me think that this is not meant to be my signature scent. I don’t think it lasts for very long, however I know that if you can’t smell it on yourself throughout the day it means that the scent is supposed to really suit you. But how can I tell that is suits me if I can’t tell if it is actually lasting throughout the day? Sometimes when I am wearing it, I randomly ask the person I am with at the time if they can smell my perfume. I’m not convinced they can though. I know you should always put it on at least 20 minutes before you leave home, but I am usually running late and am lucky to give it 2 minutes to sink into my skin. This might be why I think it doesn’t last.

My Signature Scent

I borrowed a spritz of a work mates vanilla scented perfume from Forever New the other day. It was only $12 and seemed to last most of the day. It was beautiful – but how can my signature scent be someone elses? I need to discover a fragrance that no one else is wearing at the moment. Maybe I should just become a celebrity and then I could create my own signature fragrance. I could call it something like Kirsten or K-Lo or even K-Doll! It would be brilliant and everyone would smell fabulous!

So while I wait to get my famous on, I decided to take a look at the perfume department in DJ’s the other day. I was on a serious mission to find my signature scent. (The fact I had no cash to spend did not deter me.) I sprayed countless little cards and even myself but found that I was just getting more and more confused. What card belonged to what perfume? This was until I stumbled across ‘DKNY Be Delicious – Green Apple’. Wow, divine – SOLD! Oh wait, it will be sold as soon as I get paid! It is a fresh, green apple, summery and fruity scent. It has a great shaped bottle that is a handy size to carry in your handbag. I can’t wait to start splashing this on! Hopefully I have found my new signature scent to replace my beloved ‘Hot Couture’.

In my search I also came across a site called ‘Bottled up Emotions’ where you can customize your own fragrance. I think I will also try this just in case my new fragrance isn’t meant to be. The prices seem quite cheap and you can pick your favourite scents to create your very own one-of-a-kind signature fragrance.

Love Kirst xx


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