Hens Day Extravaganza!

We celebrated my best friends hens day on the weekend. I am ‘head bridesmaid’ (maid-of-honour was fine – but I’m married, so it’s supposed to be matron-of-honour – eww – I think I’ll stick with head bridesmaid!) so it was a big deal and very important that the bride-to-be had a fantastic day/night. 

When I asked BTB (Bride-to-be) what she would like to do on her hens day she quickly confirmed that she would like to go to the races. I asked her when she was thinking of having her hens day – she said in March. I asked her if she would like a marquee – she said yes. I asked her if she wanted to share this marquee or if she wanted to have her own – she said she would prefer her own. So I set off on a mission to find a racecourse who would provide all these things. Do you think I could find one? No. I cruised the net and rang all the major race courses and even the ones in the country. Apparently there are not a lot of race meetings in March. Damn! I quickly came to the conclusion that a marquee was out of the question. So I started looking for the next best thing. I found that Caulfield Racecourse had a race meeting two weeks before the wedding – Thouroughbred Cup Day. They also had a restaurant that provided a carvery luncheon – with dessert (very important!), entry to the racecourse, race guide and the table was also held all day so that we had somewhere to leave our things while we went outside to cheer the horses on and place our bets. All this for $50!! Entry to the racecourse is $30 alone, so this was well worth it! The food was delicious and the atmosphere was really fun. 

BTB + Me


My sister and I made the invitations ourselves. We used a picture of Dita Von Tesse and replaced her face with the BTB’s. We included information about the day then saved them on a disk and had them printed on photos. So cheap (10 cents per copy!!) and easy. They turned out really well. We then sent them out and waited for everyone to RSVP and transfer their payments. I don’t think anyone really appreciates an RSVP date until they organise something with a deadline. After endless messages and follow ups I managed to confirm final numbers and payments 2 weeks before the day – two weeks after the RSVP date. Never mind, it was all arranged in time… just! 

Hens Day invitations


The two other bridesmaids and I exchanged numbers and email addresses so we could bounce ideas off each other for what to do after the races.
BTB already knew everything we were up to during the day, so we decided to surprise her later that night. I suggested this fantastic place called ‘The Riva’ in St. Kilda. It is a gorgeous bar located on the marina. There is a dining area where you can have a meal and a bar area where we can carve up the dance floor later on in the night. There is also an outside deck where fairy lights have been hung between palm trees in front of the beach. It was just gorgeous and the perfect place to keep celebrating. Everyone had a ball and really enjoyed themselves. 

We also organised games and the usual hens day accessories for the day.
– BTB and bridesmaid flashing sashes. A girl I didn’t even know pinched my sash at the bar. When I asked her for it back she ran away and
disappeared for the rest of the night!
– Veil with condoms attached
– Shot glass with light up penis
– Penis dummy necklace
– Hottie whistle – blow when you see a hottie
– Penis straws
– Singlet with lifesaver lollies strategically sewn on – BTB was made to ask the guys to bite them off with their teeth!
– Finally, the Pièce de résistance – a blow up doll, with 7 inch penis (according to the box). Hilarious! The bouncer at the racecourse didn’t think so. After 20 seconds of BTB posing with the blow-up doll, he confiscated it from us! We weren’t the only ones not happy about it – the whole racecourse were booing him! 

We also got a deck of ‘dare’ cards. They were a hit and everyone got involved with them throughout the day. 

Dare Cards


Here are a few of my favourites: 

– Ask a guy to take his shirt off and flex his muscles – the Mother of the groom got on this one and the guy in question removed not only his top, but his pants too and struck a pose for my camera! 

The guy asked to flex his muscles!?


– Write your name in lipstick across a guy’s chest – a friend agreed to this bet. The first guy she asked had a really hairy chest (and I mean hairy!) so she told him she had come to the wrong group and asked someone else! The next guy ripped his shirt off and away she went. She then returned the favour later to a Bucks party when they wrote their name in lipstick across her chest! 

Writing name in Lipstick


– Ask a guy with a ponytail why he hasn’t had a haircut in years – BTB did this, and this guy did not find it funny at all! Has nobody told him that a guy with long hair is so 1998. If looks could kill…. 

Guy with ponytail and no sense of humour


– Drink from a strangers drink without permission – it really is amazing what you can get away with when you are wearing a veil! 

Drink from a stranger's drink without permission


I also have to give a shout out to BTB’s work friend. She is in her late 30’s and had a 40 year old man on one side and a 26 year old on the other side, both trying to pick her up! What a cougar – you go girl! 

Overall we had a fantastic day with great company and lots of dancing and laughs! Now, I’m really looking forward to the wedding in two weeks time! 

Love Kirst xx


One thought on “Hens Day Extravaganza!

  1. Hi,
    I’m doing a race hens day for my best friend and would love to use the pic that you’ve used. Could you please tell me where you got it from….hope you don’t mind me stealing your idea….

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