Ooh ahh… I snapped my bra!

My current mission at the moment is to find a decent bra. In the last 2 months the under-wire in two of my Bendon bras and one of my loveable bras have snapped! Devastated! I paid over $50 and I don’t think this is fair at all. I bought them because I thought they were good brands and I didn’t expect them to just snap on me after only 2 months.

When I’m shopping with friends, they can pick up a bra in their size and say, Ooo I like that, and just buy it without even trying it on! My size changes all the time from store to store, from brand to brand and from bra to bra. I have to take at least fifteen different bras into the change room only to walk out with one that fits properly – if I’m lucky!

So now I am on a mission to find a good fitting bra. This could take a while, but I’m now down to only one bra! There is no time to waste, I am desperate. I have one trick up my sleeve where I can take the wire from the good cup of one of my snapped bras and replace it with the snapped wire. Then I can just sew it back up and ta da… I just have to choose which bra I will need to sacrifice…

Wish me luck and I will keep you updated in the adventures of Kirsten finding a decent bra!

Love Kirst xx