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Urban Artistry are amazing photographers. We used this company on our wedding day. I just wanted to give a special shout-out to Richard who shot our wedding and thank him once again for such an amazing job. All the staff were extremely helpful and really fun to work with.

I remember our first appointment with Richard. He was so passionate about his work and talked us through what we would be doing on our day, what sort of look we were after and suggestions on where we could go and what we could do. We were so excited and when we told him we were definitely going to book with him, he seemed genuinely excited to share in our wedding day. After booking our photographer it really started to sink in that we were getting married! I think it was because we had been talking about the day and what we wanted and what we could do. It was funny because my husband didn’t really want to go and couldn’t be bothered trekking through the traffic after work for our appointment. On our way home, my husband and I could not stop gushing about how wonderful everyone was and how excited we were for the day.

It’s so hard to choose a photographer. The pricing is so similar and you really want the memories from your wedding day to be amazing and well, memorable.
A friend from work recommended Urban Artistry to us. His sister used them and he showed me a few of their pictures. I looked at a lot of photographers and was blown away by the beauty of the photographs and by how unique they were.

Their non album packages range from $1500 to $2400. The most popular album packages range from $3200 and $3700. You don’t have to decide what package you want until after your wedding day. So you can look at what you can afford after the big (and very expensive) day and decide then.

I would recommend getting an album. I know so many brides that have opted for the non album package meaning to make one themselves – it never happens!
We went ahead with the package for $3200. This included unlimited photos, groom’s preparation, bride’s preparation, ceremony, traditional family photos, unlimited locations, a mock cake cutting and even a framed photo. We also ordered a DVD with all our photo’s from our album on it. All the photos taken were developed and put in a special box to keep and they were also put on a CD. The album cover we chose was black leather and inside all our photos were airbrushed and set in a beautiful ivory classic matt style and a few of the pages were in a full-page magazine style. The album also came in a special bo to keep.

Urban Artistry also have an Oxfam Australia Offer where a $100 donation can be donated to Oxfam Australia and in return you will receive a CD with very high-resolution and colour correction files of all your wedding images. This will enable you to print all your wedding photos as big as a large poster size. You will also be helping to end poverty in developing countries.

I found that the team at our appointments and also on our wedding day made us feel extremely comfortable. The atmosphere was casual and relaxed and I found myself thinking, why aren’t I nervous? I never got nervous! They were punctual at each location and made everyone feel extremely comfortable and never missed a shot. We never had to re-do anything. By the end of the day I think we had it down pat. Smile, Look at each other, Kiss. Everyone loved our photographer and when we saw the photo’s a few weeks after the wedding we were ecstatic. So many of our friends have asked for the name of our photographer or have told me that they will definitely use them when they get married. I cannot rave about them enough.

Here is my favourite photo which we had framed.

Here is another one of my favourites. This was shot on the tram tracks in the middle of Collins Street. I don’t know anyone else that has these sorts of photos and I really like the idea of not having the usual shots seen in most wedding albums.

We also arranged our thankyou cards with Urban Artistry. The photo was put in a black card where we wrote on the opposite side of the photo a note in silver pen to each individual guest to thank them for their gift and sharing in our day.

The team of photographers at Urban Artistry have 25 combined years of photojournalistic experience and technique. On their website their aim is to record a moment as it happens or to have the ability to pre-empt what is about to happen and document these important moments. Spontaneous wedding photos are as exciting as they are memorable. These moments and memories will be cherished not only by us but by the generations to follow.

Weddings are just one of the things that Urban Artistry are committed to. They are also experienced with photography for family, Baby, Children, Pregnancy, Glamour and Portfolio. When we decide to have children I will definitely be getting pregnancy portraits then babies, children and family portraits. When you go into their studio, you can just see their imaginations run wild and there are so many special and unique portraits displayed on their walls.

Urban Artistry Photography

74 Johnston St
Collingwood 3066
Phone: 9416 5076

By Appointment:
Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 7.30pm;
Friday 10am to 4.00pm;
Saturday 10am to 2pm

Happy Snapping!

Love Kirst xx

*Apologies about the quality of photo’s. These were downloaded from Facebook and lost the quality in the process.*


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