Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub and Daily Cleanser

I was introduced to the new Palmer’s daily face care range the other day by a work-mate. I am now converted. In the past I have not been a fan of the Palmer’s cocoa butter range, and didn’t really give it much thought. I decided to try it after hearing about it though, and I’m glad I did.

My skin is dry (especially my nose) and sometimes a little sensitive. I like to use products for sensitive skin – just in case, you never know what might not agree with you.
The Exfoliating Facial Scrub is fantastic for my dry skin. I squeezed a small amount in my hands and massaged the lotion into my face in circular motions for a minute or so. My first thought was that I didn’t think it would do anything. It is very gentle and the facial exfoliators I have used in the past have been more harsh with much thicker granules. I didn’t think that it would get rid of any dead skin cells. But it did! I rinsed my face and my skin felt so smooth and soft.

The Daily Cleaner is a thick cream. I applied it the same way as the facial scrub and it went on really smoothly. It removed all the dirt, oil and impurities from my skin without drying it out. It left my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

I am using the exfoliating facial scrub 3 times a week and the daily cleanser morning and night. It leaves my skin soft, fresh and glowing.

This range is suitable for all skin types – even dehydrated skin like mine. I picked this up at the supermarket for A$8.81 on special. Usually retails for A$10. So cheap!

The only major thing about this product I am not a fan of is the smell. To be fair, it is not as bad as other Palmers products with the revolting Cocoa Butter fragrance, but it is still a bit potent first thing in the morning!

The Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Daily face care range is available at selected Supermarkets, Pharmacies and Priceline.

Love Kirst xx


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