Make your eyes ‘pop’

Complimentary colours for your eyes are usually the opposite of your eye colour. Try not to pick colours that exactly match your eye colour. Opposite colours to your eye colour will make your eyes stand out or ‘pop’ for a more dramatic look. If you perfectly match your eyeshadow to your eye colour, your eyes look will look boring and lifeless.

When you are choosing eye makeup colours you must consider your skin tone and your eye colour. You need to decide whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. The best colours to choose for you will depend on this.

To find out what skin tone you have:
– Find a piece of silver fabric and a piece of gold fabric. Hold each fabric next to the veins in your wrists. If your veins have a blue tone next to the silver, you are cool toned. If your veins have a yellow, green or brown tone next to the gold, you are warm toned.
– If you can wear BLACK without looking washed out, you are cool toned. If you do look washed out wearing black, you are warm toned.
– If you look better in pure white rather than ivory, you are cool toned. If you look better in ivory, you are warm toned.
– Test your jewellery. If you look better in silver, you are cool toned. If you look better in gold, you are gold toned.

Cool toned:
Skin tone: olive, rosy brown color or a light rosy color, fair/ medium rosy.
Hair colour: dark, black, blond, or any of the brown tones except a golden brown.
Eyes: blue, green or hazel.

Warm toned:
Skin tone: golden or medium fair.
Hair Colour: golden brown, red or strawberry blond.
Eyes: hazel, dark or medium brown

The Colour Wheel:
Have you ever noticed your eyes appear to change colour depending on what makeup, clothing, and hair colour you have next to them.
Colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel make the best contrasting colours. Match your eye colour on the colour wheel and choose colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel. These colours will enhance your eye colour and make them pop.
The intensity of colour you use will depend on your skin tone. Some colours can be both warm and cool depending on the lightness, darkness or intensity of the colour. If you place yellow at the top of the colour wheel, the yellow and red shades are warm. The blue and green shades are cool. Violet and yellow can be either cool or warm depending on their intensity. So you can choose colours to compliment your cool or warm tones.

BROWN EYES: People with brown eyes are really lucky and have a wide selection of shades that will suit them. Almost any colour will suit brown eyes. Greens, champagnes, bronzes, golds, browns and blues are fantastic shades for brown eyes. Beige, peach, corals, copper, pinks, pale purples pinky purples and browns are great too. Brown eyes also look great in grey, plums as well as burnt oranges.

BLUE EYES: Browny/oranges work best. Try oranges, coppers, golds, gray, violet, purple, deep blue and silver. To emphasize blue eyes use brown and rose shadows. Warm shades will contrast the coldness of blue eyes and make them really pop.
Avoid aqua shades that will compete with your blue eye colour.

GREEN EYES: Brown, light beiges to deep chocolate browns look great with green eyes. Purples and pinks and reds also complement green eyes. Light green can also be very flattering when applied lightly.

HAZEL EYES: People with hazel coloured eyes are the luckiest out of all the eye colours. Anything goes with hazel eyes. Avoid using lots of blue as it can dull down hazel eyes and have the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve. Try neutrals, browns, bronzes, greens, purples, Gold, pink, lavender, plum, khaki, mocha, soft pink, teal. Purple shades contrast hazel eyes making them pop and gives them a dramatic look.

Love Kirst xo


3 thoughts on “Make your eyes ‘pop’

  1. this is helpful but i would like to know what to do when your eyes change colour. i have green eyes but sometimes the go almost blue or can go very dark hazel.

    • If your eyes change colour this could be something to do with the colour of the clothes you are wearing. Take note of your eye colour with what colour you are wearing and also keep this in mind when choosing your eye makeup! 🙂

  2. Hi, my eyes are a dark green with a strong grey tone. Would I class them, in terms of the colour wheel, as blue as there’s a strong grey bias? I have found that whilst they’re technically green, shades of purple and pink, cool or warm, just make my eyes look washed out and horrible. Whereas golds, bronzes, copper, browns, most shades of green and aqua colours tend to make them stand out more. I have cool tone skin

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