Beauty Must Have: Cotton Tips

This might seem a bit random, blogging about Cotton Tips – but I love them! They are great and can be used for almost anything.

I love all Swisspers products and use them all the time.

Swisspers Cotton Tips – 50 (Stored in travel zip-lock bag), 100, 160 (flip-top canister), 240 and 400 (stored in plastic container).
I am a die-hard fan of these cotton tips. They are 100% cotton and are ideal for makeup, baby care, first aid and are packaged to ensure hygiene and easy access.
Swisspers Dual Cosmetic Tips – 100 pack.
I recently discovered the dual cosmetic tips and they are fantastic. They have a pointy end on one side and a flattened end on the other. They are great for applying and removing makeup – especially around the delicate areas of your eyes and lips. Stored in a twist-top canister.
Swisspers Make-Up Pads – 80 and 100 pack.
Round shape designed for making your beauty routine quick and easy. Ideal for applying and removing makeup, lotions, nail polish, cleanser and toner. They are made from 100% cotton so there are no messy fibres like tissues and toilet paper can leave behind. Stored in a sealed drawstring bag for easy access.
Swisspers Cotton Wool Square Pads – 80 and 150 pack
Square shaped cotton wool blend. Great for applying or removing your makeup, nail polish, applying lotions, creams, cleaning cuts and baby care.
Swisspers Cotton Wool Balls – 60, 160, 200 and 400 packs.
100% cotton. Perfect for applying and removing makeup, first aid and baby care.
Swisspers Large Cosmetic Ovals – 40 pack.
Large oval shape. Great for applying and removing makeup, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. They are made from 100% cotton. Stored in a draw string bag for convenience.
Swisspers Giant Cosmetic Squares – 40 pack.
Extra large square sized pads. They are also really handy for removing your makeup, nail polish, cleaner and toner. They are made from 100% cotton and are stored in a resealable waterproof tub.

There is something in this range for everyone. They are also very in-expensive. Most of these items you can pick up for under A$5.00. I find all of these products are great for blending and smoothing your makeup – foundation, eye-shadow, eyeliner and the crease in your eyelid and inner corner of your eye where eyeliner tends to cake. I use the Swisspers cotton balls, tips and pads to apply and fix my make-up and blend different colours together.
Swisspers also have moist makeup wipes for makeup removal as well. They are really quick, easy and convenient.
The Swisspers range is available at Kmart, Target, Priceline, Coles, Safeway and IGA.

Love Kirst xo


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