Beauty Tip #101: Glam Up your Liner

Instead of using a basic eyeliner, go for a heavy metal or full metal liner – one that’s spiked with flecks of shimmer.
These liners can be worn alone, over eyeshadow, or with other metal shades. Try a deep shade as your main eye liner, and a lighter shade as a highlight on the inner corners of your eyes.

Inglot Cosmetics РFull Metal Eyeliners A$25
Automatic pencil with solid metal case and sponge smudger. Special FM Sharpener is included.

 Urban Decay РHeavy Metal Eyeliner US$18
These shades of glitter eyeliner are held in a clear base and are applied with a tiny, precise brush. Paint thin lines with the tip of the brush, or sweeping color with the side of the brush for dramatic, jewel-encrusted eyes. Once dry, they will not budge.

Love Kirst xo


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