Moroccan Hair Oil – Lovely!

Moroccan Hair Oil is derived from the Argan Trees in Morocco. Sounds so amazing… and well… moroccan… sexy right!? This alone has already sold me! When I think of Morocco, I think of sunsets, spices, rich, exotic and vibrant colours, beautiful patterns, carpets and flowing fabrics, the desert, the sand and the beautiful women with long – dark – glossy – wavy – gorgeous hair. So as you can gather, I was very excited about trying this miracle oil at my hairdressers.

It is an ultra-light formula that is absorbed by the hair instantly leaving it with a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine without it looking greasy. It leaves your hair feeling super soft, more manageable and even makes drying time quicker. It also has the ability to restore damaged hair.

You can apply it to damp hair, as if it is a leave-in conditioner. You only need a tiny bit, so a bottle should last you quite a long time.
My hair is thin and fine and generally lacks volume. It also gets very oily easily, so I was a bit skeptical about using this. With this in mind, I only had it applied to the ends and mid-lengths of my hair. I was surprised to find that it didn’t weigh my hair down and actually looked more voluminous after blow-drying and straightening.

This is definitely worth a try. Check out your hairdressers for moroccan hair oil. It is usually priced around A$50 for a 100ml bottle.


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