Red turns heads

Red hair is back in a big way and it is just fabulous! When I was growing up there was always a stigma attached to red hair and people with red hair were teased because they had a different hair colour. Red hair is unique and has always been perceived in the US as sexy and chic.
Two of my best friends are lucky enough to have naturally auburn hair. My sister in law has a natural auburn hue and my sister has also joined them by dying her hair a shade of red.

Have a look at these celebrities for inspiration on how you can become a fabulous red head. Embrace your individuality and go for it. You should count yourself lucky that you aren’t like the rest of us plain-janes.

Isla Fisher – Gorgeous Aussie red head.

Lindsay Lohan – She is looking fierce.

Ashlee Simpson – This is my favourite out of all the hair colours she has rocked in the past.

Amy Adams – Would you believe she is actually a natural blonde?

Lily Cole – Supermodel and gorgeous English rose.

Olive skin works better with darker, violet-based reds while a copper tone is more suitable for pink-toned skin. Vibrant reds look great with pale complexions.
Red fades fast if your hair isn’t in great condition, so start with a good trim and a few conditioning treatments before turning your head red.


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