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Here. Swear. Swear on Chanel. –  Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.





Cookie Monster

I scored the recipe for some delicious cookies. They are just like Mrs Field’s cookies! (Awesome!). My sister in law gave me the recipe and even made me some! (Double awesome!).

So that’s all…. I have the recipe…. HA! As if, here it is:

1    Cup of sugar
½   Cup raw sugar
½   Cup butter
½   Cup margarine
2    Eggs Beaten
2    Tea spoons vanilla
½   Tea spoon milk
½   Tea spoon water
2¼ Cups flour
1    Tea spoon salt
1    Tea spoon baking soda
Choc Chips (as desired)

Mix sugars, butter & margarine together.
Add eggs, vanilla, milk & water – Mix well.

Mix in flour, baking soda & salt.
Mix in choc chips.

Form dough into balls and chill in fridge for 1 day. Or not, I mean who thinks of making cookies the day before you want them? I don’t think I could wait another 15 minutes let alone a whole day!

Put dough balls on ungreased baking paper & flatten.

Cook at 325°F or 160°c for 12 – 15 minutes.

My sister in law has also made these cookies with macadamia nuts and white chocolate. To die! I was thinking about making them with m&m’s and peanut butter. Scrumptious!


Number 8 Restaurant & Wine Bar at Crown

My husband and I dined together with his cousin and fabulous girlfriend at Number 8 restaurant and wine bar at Crown Casino over the weekend. It was delicious and super ah-maz-ing!

We don’t tend to visit really nice restaurants often. We usually go to places where the food is fantastic, but the actual look of the restaurant isn’t the reason that we go back.

Number 8 was gorgeous to look at featuring high ceilings, river and city views and the food was scrumptious! The table settings were gorgeous with candles on either end that made the room glow. It was a bit squishy, but then again it was a Saturday night and very busy. The wait for our meals wasn’t long and the service was very good.

Another highlight of Number 8 is its extensive wine list of 888 wines, which has won numerous awards. This makes sense now – when we received the wine list it was seriously like the bible. The wine list definitely meant business!


What we had:

Complimentary warm bread with dip – the capsicum dip was sooo good!
Sautéed spinach with roasted pine nuts $7.50.
French Fries – $7.50.
Cocktails – $17.00.
VB Beer – $7.50.

Main: Free-range Bendigo chicken breast, organic white polenta, herb salad, spiced jus – $37.50. (The jus was incredible! Cooked to perfection.)
Dessert: Vanilla crème brûlée – $15.00. (Massive portion. To die!)

Entrée: Hervey Bay half shell scallops, salt roasted beetroot purée, nasturtium leaves, lemon dressing – $25.00. (My husband couldn’t get enough of this. The beetroot purée was out of this world.)
Main: Roasted Portland lamb rack, rosemary crust, maple roasted baby carrots, lamb jus – $42.00. (Could not fault this dish. Delicious!)

Entrée: Slow-roasted high country pork belly, watercress, Puy lentils, hazelnuts and glazed pink lady apples – $24.00. (Amazing.)
Main: Grilled Moreton Bay bugs, preserved lemon butter* – $49.50. (Sadly, the butter was a little burnt. Otherwise, delicious.)

Fabulous girlfriend
Main: Handmade ricotta gnocchi, fresh tomato, basil, Jingilli olive oil – $31.00. (Delicious.)
Dessert: Vanilla crème brûlée – $15.00. (To die.)

Notice how the girls always skip the entrée so there is room for dessert! I’m glad I did though, the Vanilla crème brûlée was beyond and I will definitely go back again just for the dessert! I still cannot believe I couldn’t finish it all.

We really did have a lovely evening. Although the dishes were not huge, they were very tasty. As I explained to my husband, this is the kind of restaurant you go to for the taste, not to get full.

If you would like to check out this restaurant, the details are below.

Number 8 Restaurant & Wine Bar at Crown Casino
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006
(03) 9292 7899

Sex and the City Tour Update!

Hi dolls,

Remember Renee who won the Sex and the City Tour competition a while ago? Well, Renee has now been on the tour and has shared some of her photos with us!

This lucky lady was so sweet, she made sure that I didn’t miss out! I received a Sex and the City mug from the tour in the post a few days ago! I love presents! The mug has a quote from the series that I actually live by – ‘Shopping is my cardio’. So generous, thankyou so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tour. If anyone else is interested in the Sex and the City Tour, check out – www.screentours.com/tour.php/satc