Beauty Tip # 362: Where do I apply concealer?

Under the eyes – this is where discolouration is most prominent. Between the inner eye and the nose – this area often shows discoloration and can even make you look tired.
The outer eye, where the upper and lower lid join, there is often a dark line of discoloration that can draw down the eye.
You can also apply concealer to cover broken blood vessels and skin irregularities and blemishes and anything else you would like to disapear!

Apply concealer with a small brush or concealer brush. This way you can apply the product in the same shape and size necessary. If you use your finger, the size of the area you cover is dependent on the size of your finger.



A gift from Kit!

My husband came in with a parcel for me yesterday. He had opened the metre box and the package was hiding in there with the slip from the postman advising me that the package had been left in the meter box… handy. It had been sitting in the meter box for about a month.
My annoyance was quickly swapped for excitement! I love getting packages. They’re like little surprises – especially when you have been on eBay spending big the week before.
But I hadn’t been on eBay for ages so I had no idea what it could be. I tore open the package and out popped a Kit Cosmetics bag! Eeeee! Why was Kit sending me a gift? Who cares, I’ll take it!
I opened the letter and it told me that I hadn’t won a competition I had entered a while ago. Bummer! But as a consolation prize they had sent me a Kit Cosmetics Facial Sunscreen! Wooo! They also sent me a voucher to have my make-up done! Double Wooo!

What a lovely surprise. I love surprises, especially of the gift variety! Thanks Kit!

I often find myself admiring different make-up looks while watching a television show or a film. I wonder what they are wearing and where I can get it for myself. My very fabulous and stylish friend introduced me to and I will never have to wonder again. This site is so major. I am obsessed about my new favourite site and I thought I would share it with everyone. is a division of Make-Up Artist Magazine, the professional make-up industry’s leading publication. It is a source for the 411 on Who’s Wearing What. They offer the most reliable and quality beauty information on the web. features beauty breakdowns on leading actresses in upcoming films, television shows and music videos. Every beauty breakdown comes directly from the make-up artist who actually created the looks that we love, so there is no guessing. The site also features tips from the industry’s top make-up artists, and gives you the 411 on the best new make-up and skin care products. There are also monthly product giveaways! Awesome, huh!

To uphold their image and to provide honest and accurate information, they do not publish breakdowns of celebrities with cosmetic contracts.
There is also a link provided for all products. You can either purchase your selected products or add them to your online makeup bag to purchase another time.

Check it out –

Hair Extensions – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Don’t be fooled when you flick through a magazine and look at pictures of celebs with glorious look-at-me hair. They probably have hair extensions. Hair extensions not only add length to your hair, but they also create volume. Love them or loathe them, hair extensions are a great way to create an instant long-haired look.

Bad hair extensions can take you from classy to trashy in an instant. You are better off having no extensions than having bad extensions. Take a look at these celebrities who are guilty of sporting bad hair extensions – even they can get it so wrong. You would think that someone would tell them that their extensions are showing or that they just look plain tacky. Isn’t that why celebrities pay their ‘friends’ the big bucks?

Permanent extensions can damage your natural hair so consider clip in extensions as an alternative.
I personally really like hair extensions, if they’re done right. I am considering some clip in extensions at the moment mainly to add volume and a bit of length. My hairdresser can get high quality hair extensions. They are really expensive but will last forever.

Too Faced Smoky Eye Collection

Too Faced Smoky Eye Collection (A$59.95) will ensure you stand out from the crowd with smoky, sultry eyes that are oh-so-easy to apply and look amazing. Everyone wants a smoky eye look, but does anyone know how to create it?

Too Faced has come to the rescue with this eye shadow collection. It has three easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction cards that tell you all you would ever want to know about applying smoky eyes. The instructions are really easy to follow. The rich pigments and silky smooth textures blend effortlessly to create a professional airbrushed finish every time.

I have this collection and love it. I use it all the time. It is so fun and has everything you need to create extremely versatile looks.

Use together with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, an anti-creasing eye shadow primer so that your shadow stays put. Make sure you finish off with a couple of coats of mascara.

Colours: Day Smoke, Fashion Smoke, Classic Smoke

Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection

Too Faced Natural Eye Shadow Collection (A$59.95) is a fantastic eyeshadow kit for everyone. I have used this many times at Kit Cosmetics when playing with their makeup. I can’t help myself! The kit includes nine shadows in versatile and universally flattering shades for any occasion. The highly pigmented eyeshadow formula blends effortlessly for an airbrushed effect and keeps the colour intense and in-place all day long. Also comes with a double-sided brush/sponge wand in the pull-out tray for easy application.

Each palette comes with three easy-to-follow step-by-step instruction cards so you can get the perfect natural look with a professional looking application every time. The instructions are really easy to follow and the eyeshadow is easy to apply and is really blendable. It has everything you need to create pretty, soft and slightly sexy ‘natural eyes’.

Use together with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, an anti-creasing eye shadow primer so that your shadow stays put. Make sure you finish off with a couple of coats of mascara.

Day (Heaven, Velvet Revolver, Sexspresso).
Classic (Silk Teddy, Push-Up, Erotica).
Fashion (Nude Beach, Honey Pot, Cocoa Puff).

Too Faced Magic Foundation Wand

Abracadabra! This Too Faced magic foundation wand (A$61.95) is brilliant. It is the most convenient and time-saving foundation I have ever used. I went into Kit Cosmetics asking for a foundation that was quick and easy to apply. If it takes too long, I won’t wear it. Kit Cosmetics sure didn’t disappoint. They listened to what I wanted and totally came through with the goods.

Just push the button at the bottom of the wand and the foundation is released through the brush head attached at the top of the wand. The brush makes blending foundation effortless and performs like a pro with zero effort. The foundation is undetectable and makes your complexion look flawless. The coverage is also buildable and the formula is pigment rich which means that a little goes a long way. The oil-free formula feels silky and hydrated and is great for all skin types. Apply all over your face or just where needed.

It takes little time to apply and is really convenient and time-saving – especially early in the morning when you have pressed snooze on the alarm clock one too many times.

7 Gorgeous Shades – matches every skin tone to perfection.
London – Fair
Hollywood – Medium
Caribbean – Cocoa
Paris – Light Medium
St. Barths – Bronze
New York – Light
Miami – Tan

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (A$34.95) is a full-coverage insurance policy against all fading, creasing, melting, blurring, oil-slicked and hard-to-blend eye shadow accidents. The silicone based anti-crease eye shadow primer is amazingly long wearing and is the perfect base to prepare your lids for any occasion. The skin soothing formula evens out the skin tone on your lids and smoothes out lines while securing a barrier between your skins natural oils and your make up. This creates a blendable and totally intensified eye colour and also keeps your lids feeling light and looking illuminated. It locks down your eyeshadow perfectly until you take it off to ensure no shadow catastrophes will ever happen again. It is very versatile and can be used with powder or cream eye shadow products.

I use this product every time I wear eyeshadow. It really does allow your eye makeup to last all day long and will not budge until you take it off.

Apply to clean dry lids using your finger. A little goes a long way and it will blend in without being visible. Wait 30 seconds then apply shadow.