Number 8 Restaurant & Wine Bar at Crown

My husband and I dined together with his cousin and fabulous girlfriend at Number 8 restaurant and wine bar at Crown Casino over the weekend. It was delicious and super ah-maz-ing!

We don’t tend to visit really nice restaurants often. We usually go to places where the food is fantastic, but the actual look of the restaurant isn’t the reason that we go back.

Number 8 was gorgeous to look at featuring high ceilings, river and city views and the food was scrumptious! The table settings were gorgeous with candles on either end that made the room glow. It was a bit squishy, but then again it was a Saturday night and very busy. The wait for our meals wasn’t long and the service was very good.

Another highlight of Number 8 is its extensive wine list of 888 wines, which has won numerous awards. This makes sense now – when we received the wine list it was seriously like the bible. The wine list definitely meant business!


What we had:

Complimentary warm bread with dip – the capsicum dip was sooo good!
Sautéed spinach with roasted pine nuts $7.50.
French Fries – $7.50.
Cocktails – $17.00.
VB Beer – $7.50.

Main: Free-range Bendigo chicken breast, organic white polenta, herb salad, spiced jus – $37.50. (The jus was incredible! Cooked to perfection.)
Dessert: Vanilla crème brûlée – $15.00. (Massive portion. To die!)

Entrée: Hervey Bay half shell scallops, salt roasted beetroot purée, nasturtium leaves, lemon dressing – $25.00. (My husband couldn’t get enough of this. The beetroot purée was out of this world.)
Main: Roasted Portland lamb rack, rosemary crust, maple roasted baby carrots, lamb jus – $42.00. (Could not fault this dish. Delicious!)

Entrée: Slow-roasted high country pork belly, watercress, Puy lentils, hazelnuts and glazed pink lady apples – $24.00. (Amazing.)
Main: Grilled Moreton Bay bugs, preserved lemon butter* – $49.50. (Sadly, the butter was a little burnt. Otherwise, delicious.)

Fabulous girlfriend
Main: Handmade ricotta gnocchi, fresh tomato, basil, Jingilli olive oil – $31.00. (Delicious.)
Dessert: Vanilla crème brûlée – $15.00. (To die.)

Notice how the girls always skip the entrée so there is room for dessert! I’m glad I did though, the Vanilla crème brûlée was beyond and I will definitely go back again just for the dessert! I still cannot believe I couldn’t finish it all.

We really did have a lovely evening. Although the dishes were not huge, they were very tasty. As I explained to my husband, this is the kind of restaurant you go to for the taste, not to get full.

If you would like to check out this restaurant, the details are below.

Number 8 Restaurant & Wine Bar at Crown Casino
8 Whiteman Street
Southbank VIC 3006
(03) 9292 7899


Sex and the City Tour Update!

Hi dolls,

Remember Renee who won the Sex and the City Tour competition a while ago? Well, Renee has now been on the tour and has shared some of her photos with us!

This lucky lady was so sweet, she made sure that I didn’t miss out! I received a Sex and the City mug from the tour in the post a few days ago! I love presents! The mug has a quote from the series that I actually live by – ‘Shopping is my cardio’. So generous, thankyou so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the tour. If anyone else is interested in the Sex and the City Tour, check out –

A gift from Kit!

My husband came in with a parcel for me yesterday. He had opened the metre box and the package was hiding in there with the slip from the postman advising me that the package had been left in the meter box… handy. It had been sitting in the meter box for about a month.
My annoyance was quickly swapped for excitement! I love getting packages. They’re like little surprises – especially when you have been on eBay spending big the week before.
But I hadn’t been on eBay for ages so I had no idea what it could be. I tore open the package and out popped a Kit Cosmetics bag! Eeeee! Why was Kit sending me a gift? Who cares, I’ll take it!
I opened the letter and it told me that I hadn’t won a competition I had entered a while ago. Bummer! But as a consolation prize they had sent me a Kit Cosmetics Facial Sunscreen! Wooo! They also sent me a voucher to have my make-up done! Double Wooo!

What a lovely surprise. I love surprises, especially of the gift variety! Thanks Kit!

Secret Indulgence – Top Model

Well, it’s not so secret anymore. Australia’s Next Top Model has just begun on Foxtel and I have not missed one fabulous episode.

The series follows a group of girls as they try to prove that they have what it takes to become a top model.
Auditions were held around the country earlier this year where 16 wannabe models were chosen to star in the sixth series of Australia’s Next Top Model.
The girls are transformed week-to-week from young girls into potential working models. They are thrown into various challenges, catwalk and fashion and beauty photo shoots.
Supermodel Sarah Murdoch is the host of Cycle 6 and also leads the panel of judges which include fashion designer Alex Perry, fashion identity Charlotte Dawson and fashion photographer Jez Smith.
Each week, the judges deliberate and assess the performance and potential of each model finally narrowing them down until only 1 model remains and becomes Australia’s Next Top Model.
The winner will take home a prize package including:
Representation by Australia’s premiere modelling agency Priscilla’s.
$25,000 contract to appear in a campaign and to be the face of iconic jeans brand Levi’s.
A trip to New York to meet with one of the world’s top agencies, ELITE New York.
 A stunning Ford Fiesta Zetec.
 $20,000 cash thanks to Platinum from U by Kotex
 A cover and eight-page spread for the fashion bible, Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

I love Next Top Model – America’s, Australia’s and even New Zealand’s. I love them all and watch them all. As I am reading this back, my voice has changed into Tyra Banks. If you have watched Tyra on America’s Next Top Model you will understand how I am talking. Think fierce. WHO, will be America’s (Australia’s) Next Top Model? Hola!!!

I always pick my favourites early (Amanda & Kathryn) and I always pick the ones I loathe and can’t stand even earlier (Kimberly & Kelsey). Let’s face it, the model world is cut-throat, vicious, bitchy and full of back-stabbing, so why fight it? If we all liked each other it would be a very boring world.

I love the bitchiness of reality TV. Love it. The drama, the tears and the tantrums. I watch some of these ‘models’ and think – I could totally do that way better! In reality, I probably couldn’t (well ok, no I couldn’t) – but on reality TV, I so could! If you’re on a reality TV show you just have to go for it. Nobody likes the whingy whiny kids, we like the kids that get out there and give it a good go – unless they’re arrogant and cocky about it. This will take them straight to my ‘can’t stand them’ list.

You can even use reality TV in well, reality. You can use it in everyday life. If you find that your acting a little shy, childish, spoilt or frustrated, take a second to think about it. If you were on a reality show, what would you think of yourself and the way that you are acting.

Life’s too short for all the drama in real life. Save it for your reality show!

Baileys Chocolate Truffle Balls – Yummo!

These Choc truffle balls are delicious and so easy to make. Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty!

1 Can condensed milk
1 Packet marie biscuits or teddy bear biscuits
1/2 Cup Coconut
2 & 1/2  Tablespoons Cocoa
2 Tablespoons vanilla essence
Extra coconut to roll balls in

– Finely crush Marie biscuits.
– Mix dry ingredients together in a large bowl.
– Mix condensed milk and vanilla essence together and pour over dry ingredients.
– Add a splash of baileys if desired.
– Stir well.
Roll into balls and cover with coconut.

I often find myself admiring different make-up looks while watching a television show or a film. I wonder what they are wearing and where I can get it for myself. My very fabulous and stylish friend introduced me to and I will never have to wonder again. This site is so major. I am obsessed about my new favourite site and I thought I would share it with everyone. is a division of Make-Up Artist Magazine, the professional make-up industry’s leading publication. It is a source for the 411 on Who’s Wearing What. They offer the most reliable and quality beauty information on the web. features beauty breakdowns on leading actresses in upcoming films, television shows and music videos. Every beauty breakdown comes directly from the make-up artist who actually created the looks that we love, so there is no guessing. The site also features tips from the industry’s top make-up artists, and gives you the 411 on the best new make-up and skin care products. There are also monthly product giveaways! Awesome, huh!

To uphold their image and to provide honest and accurate information, they do not publish breakdowns of celebrities with cosmetic contracts.
There is also a link provided for all products. You can either purchase your selected products or add them to your online makeup bag to purchase another time.

Check it out –