Beauty Tip # 362: Where do I apply concealer?

Under the eyes – this is where discolouration is most prominent. Between the inner eye and the nose – this area often shows discoloration and can even make you look tired.
The outer eye, where the upper and lower lid join, there is often a dark line of discoloration that can draw down the eye.
You can also apply concealer to cover broken blood vessels and skin irregularities and blemishes and anything else you would like to disapear!

Apply concealer with a small brush or concealer brush. This way you can apply the product in the same shape and size necessary. If you use your finger, the size of the area you cover is dependent on the size of your finger.




Beauty Tip # 852: Concealer or foundation first?

Apply foundation first and then your concealer. By applying the foundation first, you can see exactly what areas you require more coverage. As you apply the concealer you will see if more or less is required.



Obsession: Smashbox Cosmetics

I am OBSESSED with Smashbox Cosmetics. Every Thursday night (pay-day), I find myself visiting Kit Cosmetics (love!) to ‘play’ with all their gorgeous makeup. Kit Cosmetics stock the Smashbox brand and I always manage to find something new that I need  and must have, every time, without fail.
The first time I came across this brand, I thought it would be way out of my price range. All I knew about it was that celebrities loved it, makeup artists raved about it and that I had to have it. I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was and the high quality of each product.

I decided to do a bit of research about my new favourite makeup brand and came across a few interesting facts.

Smashbox Cosmetics was founded by brothers Dean & Davis Factor. Does their last name ring a bell? They are the great-grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor.

Before creating their own makeup brand, these two entrepreneur brothers were recognised as style icons in Los Angeles.They combined their skills and together created Smashbox studios in 1991. They then created their own makeup brand, Smashbox Cosmetics in 1996.

Dean is a business guru with an MBA and oversees all business matters for Smashbox Enterprises. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Shannon and two young children, Claire and Alexander.

Davis is one of the world’s top celebrity and Fashion Photographers. He travels the globe on photo shoots and has photographed countless famous faces and has shot for numerous fashion and beauty magazines.

Smashbox strive to keep us all up to date with new makeup application, tips and tricks, beauty solutions and quick fixes. They are privy to insider beauty secrets and trends straight from the experts. They don’t believe in keeping secrets, and they share their knowledge and create wonderful products for women everywhere.