Tote, Hobo, Clutch? Which one is it?

Have you noticed all the different types of bags and all the different names for them? I know everyone (especially me!) wants to at least look like they totally know what they are talking about, but sometimes it’s confusing. God forbid we refer to a bag incorrectly, that would be embarrassing.

So, here’s the difference:

Tote: The term tote means ‘to carry’. A tote bag is inspired by a shopping bag, which is sturdy and rectangular with an open top and two handles. The inside may have zip compartments. A tote is generally held in your hand or carried on your forearm or elbow.

Clutch: A small purse that is carried by the hand or tucked under your upper arm. No shoulder straps, although some come with detachable shoulder straps as an option or a wristlet loop at the end of the bag.

Hobo: Single shoulder strap. Worn on the shoulder. Shape of bag is normally large and slouchy.
The hobo usually a large unstructured bag with a slouchy posture and curving/half-moon shape with a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slouch. These bags are considered to be part of the Bohemian/boho-chic trend.



My new Charlie Brown Bag – Love!

I went shopping last night on a mission to find a handbag. I went to a few places but got sucked in at the Myer Sale with 30% off selected handbags. (awesome!)
I know, I already have my dream Chanel┬átote, but I want it to last at least 8 years. I originally justified the purchase of my Chanel┬ábag by calculating the price I paid for my bag against how many times I would use it. So, in 8 years it will basically pay for itself. That adds up to about $1 a day. Who can’t afford that?
So I decided to look for another (but much cheaper) handbag to use for during the week. I found this gorgeous Charlie Brown bag. Originally A$129.95, down to A$90.30. Bargain! (Double awesome!)

What do you think?
What bags are you lusting over at the moment?