I often find myself admiring different make-up looks while watching a television show or a film. I wonder what they are wearing and where I can get it for myself. My very fabulous and stylish friend introduced me to and I will never have to wonder again. This site is so major. I am obsessed about my new favourite site and I thought I would share it with everyone. is a division of Make-Up Artist Magazine, the professional make-up industry’s leading publication. It is a source for the 411 on Who’s Wearing What. They offer the most reliable and quality beauty information on the web. features beauty breakdowns on leading actresses in upcoming films, television shows and music videos. Every beauty breakdown comes directly from the make-up artist who actually created the looks that we love, so there is no guessing. The site also features tips from the industry’s top make-up artists, and gives you the 411 on the best new make-up and skin care products. There are also monthly product giveaways! Awesome, huh!

To uphold their image and to provide honest and accurate information, they do not publish breakdowns of celebrities with cosmetic contracts.
There is also a link provided for all products. You can either purchase your selected products or add them to your online makeup bag to purchase another time.

Check it out –


Hair Extensions – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

Don’t be fooled when you flick through a magazine and look at pictures of celebs with glorious look-at-me hair. They probably have hair extensions. Hair extensions not only add length to your hair, but they also create volume. Love them or loathe them, hair extensions are a great way to create an instant long-haired look.

Bad hair extensions can take you from classy to trashy in an instant. You are better off having no extensions than having bad extensions. Take a look at these celebrities who are guilty of sporting bad hair extensions – even they can get it so wrong. You would think that someone would tell them that their extensions are showing or that they just look plain tacky. Isn’t that why celebrities pay their ‘friends’ the big bucks?

Permanent extensions can damage your natural hair so consider clip in extensions as an alternative.
I personally really like hair extensions, if they’re done right. I am considering some clip in extensions at the moment mainly to add volume and a bit of length. My hairdresser can get high quality hair extensions. They are really expensive but will last forever.

Obsession: Smashbox Cosmetics

I am OBSESSED with Smashbox Cosmetics. Every Thursday night (pay-day), I find myself visiting Kit Cosmetics (love!) to ‘play’ with all their gorgeous makeup. Kit Cosmetics stock the Smashbox brand and I always manage to find something new that I need  and must have, every time, without fail.
The first time I came across this brand, I thought it would be way out of my price range. All I knew about it was that celebrities loved it, makeup artists raved about it and that I had to have it. I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable it was and the high quality of each product.

I decided to do a bit of research about my new favourite makeup brand and came across a few interesting facts.

Smashbox Cosmetics was founded by brothers Dean & Davis Factor. Does their last name ring a bell? They are the great-grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor.

Before creating their own makeup brand, these two entrepreneur brothers were recognised as style icons in Los Angeles.They combined their skills and together created Smashbox studios in 1991. They then created their own makeup brand, Smashbox Cosmetics in 1996.

Dean is a business guru with an MBA and oversees all business matters for Smashbox Enterprises. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Shannon and two young children, Claire and Alexander.

Davis is one of the world’s top celebrity and Fashion Photographers. He travels the globe on photo shoots and has photographed countless famous faces and has shot for numerous fashion and beauty magazines.

Smashbox strive to keep us all up to date with new makeup application, tips and tricks, beauty solutions and quick fixes. They are privy to insider beauty secrets and trends straight from the experts. They don’t believe in keeping secrets, and they share their knowledge and create wonderful products for women everywhere.

Red turns heads

Red hair is back in a big way and it is just fabulous! When I was growing up there was always a stigma attached to red hair and people with red hair were teased because they had a different hair colour. Red hair is unique and has always been perceived in the US as sexy and chic.
Two of my best friends are lucky enough to have naturally auburn hair. My sister in law has a natural auburn hue and my sister has also joined them by dying her hair a shade of red.

Have a look at these celebrities for inspiration on how you can become a fabulous red head. Embrace your individuality and go for it. You should count yourself lucky that you aren’t like the rest of us plain-janes.

Isla Fisher – Gorgeous Aussie red head.

Lindsay Lohan – She is looking fierce.

Ashlee Simpson – This is my favourite out of all the hair colours she has rocked in the past.

Amy Adams – Would you believe she is actually a natural blonde?

Lily Cole – Supermodel and gorgeous English rose.

Olive skin works better with darker, violet-based reds while a copper tone is more suitable for pink-toned skin. Vibrant reds look great with pale complexions.
Red fades fast if your hair isn’t in great condition, so start with a good trim and a few conditioning treatments before turning your head red.

Celebrity Crush: I heart Jay Manuel!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of him and have seen his lovely face on TV many times. Jay Manuel is a TV personality from America’s Next Top Model and the E! Network as well as numerous other projects. He is also the host of Canada’s Next Top Model and Style Her Famous.

Jay was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 14th, 1972. His spunky looks and amazing style come from his mother of Italian and Czech decent and South African father of  Malaysian and Dutch descent.

Jay Manuel

Before he wound up in the world of fashion, Jay was a pre-med student and studied opera! He then eventually became a makeup artist where he has worked with the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria’s Secret and Revlon. He has worked his magic on numerous celebrities and made them look amazing and he is even lucky enough to be the personal make-up artist for supermodel Tyra Banks. He has worked with some amazing photographers including Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, and Francesco Scavullo.

Jay is a make-up artist, fashion photographer and model. His most recognisable role is the Art Director for photo shoots on reality show, America’s Next Top Model, hosted and produced by Tyra Banks. Affectionately known as Mr. Jay, his role on the show also includes being a makeup artist and a guest judge. I am a huge fan of Top Model and love watching Jay while he manages to transform these models from dull to glam in mere minutes. His designs for amazing photo shoots and runway shows are extraordinary.

Mr. Jay in Action!

Jay now hosts and is lead judge of the second and third cycle of Canada’s Next Top Model. He is the face of, the internet dating site and often appears on E! Network’s, Fashion Police and Live From the Red Carpet for the Academy Awards, The Grammys, The Golden Globes and The Primetime Emmy Awards.
Jay also hosts his own show on the Style Network called, Style Her Famous. This is a really fun makeover show where woman are styled to look like a celebrity they admire.
He has also introduced his own make-up line called Manuel Override which can be purchased on QVC. Unfortunately, QVC do not deliver to Australia yet so I will be looking out for this line on eBay (hopefully!).

Jay Manuel is my current celebrity crush. He is openly gay though, so I don’t think he will crushing back on me anytime soon!
Yes, I googled and this is the question – who is Jay Manuel’s boyfriend? Who knows, all I can say is that I really admire him and everything he has accomplished in his career so far and wish him well in all his future successes!

Kisses dolls,
Love Kirst xx

The Beanie – Hot or Not?

I was flicking through a magazine the other day and noticed that everyone is wearing beanies – and they look HOT HOT HOT! 

I personally prefer the baggier style in a neutral colour… or purple – I heart purple. 

The Beanie

The girls have been rocking this look and the guys, well they have outdone themselves! Wow. I’ve just been drooling over them all while googling these images! 

I am absolutely rating the beanie look – totally working and totally sexy! 

Love Kirst xx

Pucker up: Christian Dior Lipstick – Rouge Dior, Celebrity Red

I have decided to start wearing red lipstick more often. I always go to put it on and sometimes I even do, but I always end up chickening out at the last-minute and wipe it off. For me, a red lipstick is extremely daring. It is definitely making a statement when you sport a red look-at-me pout.  

I was going through my lipstick draw (yes – I have a draw full!) this morning and picked up my beloved Rouge Dior in Celebrity Red and thought why not! I had only put on minimal makeup anyway so I knew looking like a hooker was out of the question. I mixed it with Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to give it a gloss finish. I looked at myself in the mirror, gave a little pout and said to myself – ok, let’s do it!  

Pucker up: Christian Dior Lipstick - Rouge Dior Celebrity red


 I’ve come into work this morning with my red pout and no one has said anything yet. This could mean that it looks good or I really do look like a hooker and everyone is too embarrassed to tell me. My red lips are pretty hard to miss so I don’t know – not the reaction I was expecting so far. 

I was about to go to lunch with my husband when my two work besties said to me, I love that red lipstick – it’s stayed on all day! Blush – thanks dolls! On my way out, another colleague looked at my lips and said WOW – that shade really suits you! I was ecstatic with the response I finally got and couldn’t help but skip to the car where my husband was waiting for me. I hopped in and he said to me, what’s with the red lips? Did I really expect anything more? No, most guys just don’t get it!  

I actually love this look – it’s just a very bold statement that I’ve been too scared to try before now. I am going to keep wearing this lipstick though and make this look my own!  

Love Kirst xx