Pucker up: Christian Dior Lipstick – Rouge Dior, Celebrity Red

I have decided to start wearing red lipstick more often. I always go to put it on and sometimes I even do, but I always end up chickening out at the last-minute and wipe it off. For me, a red lipstick is extremely daring. It is definitely making a statement when you sport a red look-at-me pout.  

I was going through my lipstick draw (yes – I have a draw full!) this morning and picked up my beloved Rouge Dior in Celebrity Red and thought why not! I had only put on minimal makeup anyway so I knew looking like a hooker was out of the question. I mixed it with Lucas’ Papaw Ointment to give it a gloss finish. I looked at myself in the mirror, gave a little pout and said to myself – ok, let’s do it!  

Pucker up: Christian Dior Lipstick - Rouge Dior Celebrity red


 I’ve come into work this morning with my red pout and no one has said anything yet. This could mean that it looks good or I really do look like a hooker and everyone is too embarrassed to tell me. My red lips are pretty hard to miss so I don’t know – not the reaction I was expecting so far. 

I was about to go to lunch with my husband when my two work besties said to me, I love that red lipstick – it’s stayed on all day! Blush – thanks dolls! On my way out, another colleague looked at my lips and said WOW – that shade really suits you! I was ecstatic with the response I finally got and couldn’t help but skip to the car where my husband was waiting for me. I hopped in and he said to me, what’s with the red lips? Did I really expect anything more? No, most guys just don’t get it!  

I actually love this look – it’s just a very bold statement that I’ve been too scared to try before now. I am going to keep wearing this lipstick though and make this look my own!  

Love Kirst xx


My Beauty Look

I am really loving these false eyelashes. Stay tuned for my next post on them!

Love Kirst xx