Quote I Love: Rachel Zoe



“Jewellery should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off and it should be worn everyday.” – Rachel Zoe, Style A to Zoe.





Put a Ring on it!

As you are probably aware, I love bold jewellery that makes a statement. As soon as I put on a statement ring I feel just a little bit glamorous. Unlike most other jewellery pieces you can admire a ring you are wearing anywhere, anytime. You don’t need a mirror to know that it looks fabulous! I’m even admiring my ring at the moment while I type. FYI – It’s the silver flower ring below:

The Favourites in my Jewellery Collection

Here is my current list of rings I am thinking about – which usually means I am going to buy them!

My Ring Wish-List

As Beyoncé would say – If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it! So put a ring on it!

Love Kirst xx

Earrings… HUGE!

I am loving big statement earrings at the moment in a major way. My current favourites in my jewellery collection at the moment are my swarovski crystal earrings which I wore on my wedding day, Mimco drop earrings, Diva silver woven studs. I also have a pair of Silver Battered style hoops from Witchery that I cannot live without.

The Favourites in my Collection

When I am wearing jewellery I like to wear just one statement piece instead everything I own and love worn at once. This effect looks cluttered (especially with all the jewellery I have collected over the years!) and makes the rest of your jewellery look kind of cheap – even if it isn’t. Depending on what you are wearing a necklace won’t always go with what you are wearing, but earrings will usually go with anything. Here are a few of my favourites that I am lusting after at the moment:

My Earrings Wish-List

Love Kirst xx

Pimp my Closet

I have discovered the most amazing application for my iPhone! It’s AH-MAZ-ING! It’s called Stylish Girl and is basically a style planner revolving around the clothes you have in your closet and the clothes you would love to have in your closet. It keeps all your clothes and accessories organised and right at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

I spent this weekend cleaning out my closet (again!) and throwing out everything I haven’t worn in ages (again!). I have also been taking photos of all my clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery and accessories for my new online closet and filing it into one of four categories (tops/dresses, bottoms, shoes and accessories) then giving them each a title. There are even categories based on the time of year and if it is dressy or casual. You can create a list of items for your next trip (no more overpacking or leaving anything behind!) or you can mix and match to create amazing outfits or even place items in a wish-list that you might want to splurge on with your next pay-check.
I have too many days where I have ‘nothing to wear’. I can now just scroll through my online closet and never again forget about that awesome top hiding at the back of my draw. I will never again buy something similar to what I already own. It saves time and money.

Stylish Girl iPhone App

I feel just like Cher in Clueless! Beyond excited. If you don’t have an iPhone you could design your own program by taking photo’s and saving them in a separate folder on your phone or computer.

Happy Fashion Days Dolls!

Love Kirst xx

Tick Tock: Man-Style Watches

I am loving man-style watches at the moment. Who wants a little dainty watch when you can get a show-stopping look-at-me watch! I always find myself browsing for watches in the mens section instead of the womans section. I also ‘borrow’ my husband’s DKNY watch every once in a while. It is amazing – stainless steel with a large square face and black background. When I mean borrow, I mean it now lives in my jewellery draw! I also have a guess watch that I wear almost everyday – stainless steel with large round face, white/silver background and bling around the face and down the band, LOVE! Why save a good watch for a special occasion? If you love it – wear it! You have to get your money’s worth!

My justification for everything I buy is if I get $1 for every time I wear it and it eventually evens out to what I paid for it, it’s a bargain! Who can’t afford $1 per wear? There are 365 days in a year and most watches have a warranty on them so if you wear it everyday for a whole year it should pretty much pay for itself right!?

Guess, DKNY and Nixon are my favourite brands for mens watches. Here are a few of my favourites:

Man-Style Watches

Love Kirst xx