Pucker Up: Nude Lips

A nude lip is my never-fail makeup must have! This shade goes with everything.  Nude lips look amazing when you have vamped up your eyes – but never wear too much makeup on your eyes and lips together or you can look like a hooker!

Look I love - Nude Lips

The nude lip also works for a more natural look. If nothing else, I always leave the house with a glossy nude lip – and concealer of course! I have hundreds (no joke!) of glosses and lipsticks and have been searching for the perfect nude shade for years. I also like to mix it up with a hint of colour when I’m wearing a natural look.

Here are my favourites that I have discovered so far:

Pucker Up - Nude Lips

Love Kirst xx


Fabulous Lashes

I am loving false eyelashes! I have always used the ModelCo individual false lashes and love them to bits, but flicking through my new Makeup book I got at the Xmas sales, I noticed there are a lot more looks to create with different kinds of lashes. So, for the last few days I made it my mission to find some fabulously flirty flutter me lashes. This mission came to an end a few days ago on eBay. Here I found myself an absolute bargain! Have I told you that I love eBay? I couldn’t believe how many different types there were.

Here is what I have ordered:

False Eyelashes - eBay

All these prices include shipping – can you believe it!? Insane! I can’t wait to get them and I will let you know how I go trying to apply them. Should be fun!

Love Kirst xx