Trend Alert: Denim on Denim

Listen up fashionistas – Denim on Denim is back in a major way in 2010. I’m still not sold on this look but I think that if you have the confidence and hold yourself well, then you can pull it off! It’s also about accessorizing correctly. I’m thinking denim shorts, white/printed flowy blouse/singlet, denim vest teamed with flip-flops, light scarf, big sunglasses and lots of bangles for a casual spring/summer look – think Nicole Richie – very boho chic.

Trend Alert: Denim on Denim

Let’s just make sure that we never again have to subject ourselves to the ugliness of matching denim a la Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. I secretly loved this dress when I first saw Britney wearing it. Looking back at it now, I really don’t know what I was thinking!

Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

Love Kirst xx


Got Ink?

Tattoos are now as stylish as designer bags, designer dogs, blackberries and iPhones! Have you noticed how many people are proudly showing off their ink? Even the most fashion conscience stars have been inked. This style of body art has made it to the catwalk, red carpet, small screen big screen.

If you don’t want to make the commitment to permanent ink, some people are even sporting fake tattoos.

The most frequent tattoos I have seen on display are religious symbols like a cross or an astrology sign.
Tribal designs are also everywhere and fairies and butterflies look very feminine.
Writing in a variety of styles and sentimental designs in honour of loved ones such as a name, date or portrait are very popular.
Then of course there are tattoos you would rather forget. Do you remember when Katie Price decided to put a cross through her tattoo, ‘Pete’?(in honour of her Ex, Peter Andre). Or when Johnny Depp had ‘Winona Forever’ in honour of his then-partner Winona Ryder, inked on his bicep only have the ‘na’ removed to change it to, ‘Wino Forever’ when they split.
There are a huge amount of female celebrities who have sat in the chair to get a tattoo. Here is a list of a few repeat offenders:

Rihanna – at least 13 tattoos.
Nicole Richie – 9 tattoos.
Victoria Beckham- at least 4 tattoos.
Angelina Jolie – at least 12 tattoos.
Megan Fox – at least 9 tattoos.
Pink – at least 25 tattoos.
Kat Von D – Rumoured to have over 130 tattoos! Of course some of these have merged into sleeves and she is a tattoo artist.

Got Ink

I have one tattoo and I absolutely love it. It’s on my left wrist and I got it after I was married. It’s our wedding date in Roman numerals –
XXII ◊ XI ◊ MMVIII (22nd November, 2008). I can understand how people can go back for more even though I haven’t… yet. The first you get is usually very special. You really take your time to make sure where you want to put it and if you will still love it in a month or so. After it’s there, the next one is easy. You have one now, so another one won’t hurt… well hopefully not much!

I have been planning my next tattoo for ages and I have decided that I really want a fairy. I haven’t come across one that I really love and could handle to have it on my body for eternity. I’m also not sure where I want to put it either. So if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Love Kirst xx

Tied up in Braids

I am L-O-V-I-N-G the braid in a major way. I loved it so much that I had all my bridesmaids at my wedding wear a braided hairstyle. The style was based on Jessica Alba’s hairstyle. Since I got married a heap of my school friends have made their bridesmaids wear a braid as well. I’m so glad I got married before them so I could be the first one!

Ever since I first saw Ever After with Drew Barrymore I would sit in front of my mirror for hours trying to perfect the braided look. I’m still not very good at it and usually need someone else to do it for me!

Tied Up in Braids

The braid really makes a statement – it’s something different and you can work it anyway you want. You can wear braids in different ways to create different styles including bohemian, hippy, preppy, pretty, sophisticated, elegant or even rocker-chick.

Love Kirst xx

The Beanie – Hot or Not?

I was flicking through a magazine the other day and noticed that everyone is wearing beanies – and they look HOT HOT HOT! 

I personally prefer the baggier style in a neutral colour… or purple – I heart purple. 

The Beanie

The girls have been rocking this look and the guys, well they have outdone themselves! Wow. I’ve just been drooling over them all while googling these images! 

I am absolutely rating the beanie look – totally working and totally sexy! 

Love Kirst xx