Beauty Tip #: 953 – Revive your manicure

Slick a shiny, clear top coat over whatever polish you have on your nails. It’ll give them a glossy, high shine finish and will also prevent nicks so your mani will look freshly done.


GHD… Great Hair Day!

I have finally bought a ghd IV styler!! In the past, the only time I let one of these babies near my hair was at the hairdressers. The reason being that I didn’t want to fall in love with it, because then I would have to have one. I thought it would be ok to use at the hairdressers because your hair always looks great after your hairdresser has been playing with it anyway. It wasn’t ok though and pretty soon I had to have one, in fact I needed one! Now that I have my ghd – I love it – it is amazing – I am obsessed – I would probably die without it.

No, I haven’t been slow with the program this time, it was just one of those things that I never thought I could have. When would I have a spare $300 to buy a hair straightener? I am the type of person that will spend their last $20 on a nail polish, so I resigned myself to the fact a long time ago that I am not a saver and I would probably never own a ghd. However, I did manage to scrimp away a few bucks every week to put towards my very own ghd. To avoid spending my money on useless but absolutely neccessary essentials, obviously, I handed over my hard-earned cash to my husband for safe keeping. He was ordered that under no circumstances was he to give it back to me, no matter what I said, until I had enough to purchase my ghd. Even if there was a sale at Mimco or Mecca or Wittner! (Damn, what was I thinking?). If Chanel ever had a sale though, that would be a totally different story! My lovely husband did help me out though (quite a lot actually, after I started saving) with my wonderful purchase – thanks! I told him that he can use it any time he likes! xo

I thought that my last hair straightener was pretty good – until I got my ghd. Did I mention I have a ghd? After using my… ghd… my hair has never been healthier. I don’t know how this fabulous creation does it but when I straighten my hair it actually makes it look and feel healthy and glossy from the roots to the ends. The ends don’t look damaged and my hair doesn’t look dead anymore, it has a gorgeous shine to it. I’m not just saying that either to justify my purchase, it really is that amazing.

The ghd IV Mini Styler A$279.00 – Ideal for short hair, men’s hair, tight curls, flicks and fringes.

The ghd IV Styler A$299.00 – This is the ultimate all-rounder. It is extremely versatile and perfect for straightening, curling, flicking, twisting, movement volume and styling any way you want. It is also great for any hair length.

The ghd IV Salon Styler A$299.00 –  Great for long and thick hair. Creates larger and softer curls.

All these stylers feature:
– New rounder barrel which makes it easier to create perfect curls, waves, flicks or perfectly straight hair.
– Safety Feature: Built in sleep mode that let’s you rest easy. It will turn off automatically if left unattended for 30 minutes.
– Universal voltage so you can travel anywhere with it.
– Digital technology controls the temperature more quickly.
– Advanced ceramic heaters and aluminium plates for smooth and static free shine.
– Heats up and is ready to go in seconds.
– 2 year warranty.

Ghd have a new limited edition colour collection in the ghd IV styler range. So you can make a statement not only with your hair but also with your styler. They are A$309.00. Expensive yes, but worth every dime.

Which colour are you? Are you Red Lust, Blue Serenity, Purple Indulgence or Green Envy?

My favourite colour is purple and I certainly like to indulge, obviously! So the purple indulgence ghd was a perfect match for me.
The limited edition ghd IV Styler in the colour of your choice also comes with a quilted heat-resistant styler pouch and a protective case.

Make sure you visit the ghd website to buy yourself one online or search the nearest salon to you. This is one thing I wouldn’t buy on eBay or at any other site apart from the ghd site. There are so many copies going around, I wouldn’t want to get ripped off.